AvP vs AvPR

The-Wolf, Yautja, 13 years ago

Which film do you think is better?

For me:


AvP might of had better directing but AvPR's action is so much better. I thought the pacing was close to perfect in AvPR rather than AvP with the slow boring beginning and finally when the action kicks in it dies as quickly as it came and then the rest of the action is just shit really. AvPR wasn't scary at all but it had more horrific affects than AvP, better Predator design, best sound effects, score but even though the acting was bad I found the acting between Sherif Morales and Dallas Howard to be entertaining. The acting in AvP was ok but none of the characters were interesting and I'm sorry to say it but not even Mr. Wayland. There was no point of that if you've saw Bishop II from Alien3. What makes the movies balanced though is that in AvP, I believe the Predators were an embarrestment in design and how they performed against the Aliens whereas in AvPR it was the other way around with the Aliens being the disgraced when they were tossed around like ragdolls from the (Wolf) Predator I found the Aliens design almost a good design but looked horrible on screen. Really the only part of the Aliens that looked good were the face. The Predalien almost made up for that but there's still flaws in it but its still enough to forget about the other Aliens.

I found the forest, sewers, power station, and hive/hostbital settings to be far more appealing than the temple/maze which wasn't very convincing to me. AvPR had a lighting problem that can be fix if you're not stubborn. AvP has some great visuals but the storyline behind them are horrible. The worshipping between Predators and early man was interesting but strips the mysteriousness and scariness from the Predators. The battle on top of the temple was almost decent but it made no sense with all those Aliens.. there couldn't be that many people. The only delight of AvP is when the Grid Alien takes down the two Predators, the ending battle and the Predalien chestbursting scene. The Queen looked great, Scar looked like crap but looked cool fighting the Queen but that doesn't erase the idea of Scar teaming up with Lex. AvP was just a very watered down version of what these creatures were originally all about however, how crappy AvPR was its still closer to the original ideas than AvP was and had very great gritty action making it a more entertaining movie.

lilwrek, Yautja, 13 years ago

wolf i like avpr better than avp.avp
was not that long avpr was longer

lilwrek, Yautja, 13 years ago

and avp did have a bad bit 1 alien killing 2 predators i thort preds would wast that alien.