Artwork Discussion

donut, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

PV2 kindly suggested to make a separate artwork topic, so I did. :3 I'll be posting the Clan pics here, and any other artwork is welcome.

xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

heyy! (sick idea)

this is scarred shadow's character description

"Sertolic (Silent Kill) is a Ritual Hunter. He stands 7'4 weighing 405Lbs has ritual armor dark gray with dark green tribal designs. The tribal vinals are ritual markings that he follows. Human skulls hanging on his shoulders, and a human skull of an honorable marine used as a belt buckle. Has a large battle scar through his left eye from a struggle against a Xenomorph warrior. His mask is similar to the Chopper Predator with few modifications to make a mixture of Celtic and Chopper. Has a custom made engraving symoling a sort of crest over his left eye on his mask. Eyes have bright white glow to them when he is cloaked. Dark black dreadlocks and a full arsenal of powerful weapons including side arm blades.

His weapons designed from the skulls of his kills. He has some minor battle scars that cover the majority of his body, and carries the mark of the hunter."

mine is in my profile.


Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

my art work is too big for a printer now these days

Lone_Hunter2, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

here's mine

Name:Yeyinde Nihkou'te

Alias:Lone Hunter

Height: 2.8 metres

1 Combi-stafs's/Spears

1 Glave

2 Mauls

4 Shurikens

1 Smartdisk

2 spear guns

wrist blades from avp1

2 Plasma casters(one used at a time second is back up for hand gun variant like off of AVP-R or replacement on shoulder)

plasma gauntlet bolt

net gun from Preadtor 2 and guantlet net gun from avp.

full body armour which is made of an unknown metal light but strong, bright Chrome colour(unique symboly on left side of chest plate and center of mask) and all of my weapons and armour are acid proof.( mask from Predator1 also acid proof made of the same metal as armour),skin colour the same as Predator 1 movie.

Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

height: 7'3

weight: 450 (not fat just muscly and tall i can prove it)

long dreads towards waist

helmet with tribal designs but a scar down the right eye on the helmet

has a trench coat very large that goes down to the ground that cover his armor which is light and not to big and under that is fishnet

big heavy boots

big gaultlets

finger bones and toe bones hanging around his neck.

light plasma caster

long wrsit blades

one shuriken

hand made hammer made from a skull and spine bones from a foreign alien creature

yaaay if anyone can draw this i will be surprised

donut, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Voltage: Is the trench coat under the fishnets?

Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

no the fishnet is under the armor and stuff thats all under the trench coat that touches the ground yuuuup no hood though, theres sleeves though too

also i'm very good looking lol but leave my helmet on ._. my sexyness blinds people

donut, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Haha okay, that makes more sense.