Alpha queen vs Empress

Newborn, Undefined, 16 years ago

the queen mother or alpha queen vs the alien empress AKA alien queen vs alien queen.

I Am made of what the devil fears, a missfiguration of nature, THE NEW BORN...

navyspaz, Undefined, 16 years ago

We need more mind challenging topics then this :( no offence at all... but we need topics that ask for everyones oppinion or their favorite of something or what they would do in teh position. this topic is almost pointless. and was made already except it said newborn.
Btw, their is no Alpha queen or Empress... its just a queen. nothing more or less.

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CuteFaceHugger, Undefined, 16 years ago

I really dont know what your asking but the alpha aliens?you mean the ones from AVP and you said queen a lot of times a Queen is a queen theres mother empress alphe queen theres a queen and thats the highest it gets

this is like asking what would win a drone vs a drone of coures the drone will win but its just pointless to ask who care if a drone can kill a drone you get my point

i ask you if you dont make so many post so others have a chance to have there post on the top 5 so every one can see them

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Proud to be of The Hive

Unknown, Undefined, 16 years ago


This is all i have seen from you so far dude which are geting repetative.Can you not think of somthing else ?

I know it is hard to think of realy good topics but posting the same ting over and over again about who will win is not realy that good.

Plus if 2 queens fight it is imposable to tell which one will win.


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