Blade_Monstrona, Undefined, 14 years ago

I was thinking what clan i should go with The Hive or Balatu, I know i should stick with the Hive but maybe it's time i should shread of the skin of the hybrid and become a full Yuatja. I'm not exactly sure. Can i get some opinions on the matter.

black_warrior, Undefined, 14 years ago

Well......You wont be able to get into the clan(whichever one you choose) right away since there are problems with adding membs at the moment, and you may have to be monitored again and there is no 100% chance of getting in unless the subleader or Leader feels they want you in(after adding problem is resolved).

Also it depends on which species you lean towards, Pred or Alien.
A pred clan wont take an alein and an alien clan wont take a pred.

Blade_Monstrona, Undefined, 14 years ago

I already know this except for the part about adding members. But that is why I put this up cause i'm not sure anymore. In my opinion they are both equally great species. But recenlty I got Predator 2 and watched the movie about 10 times in a row without watching anything else besides tv. Now I watch Predator 2 as much as i do Aliens, now I must question my loyalty to the aliens. But I think in the end I will make the correct choice.