Ali3n, Human, 12 years ago

guess you guys are familliar with the new game =D well i have a problem... when i try to run the game it sorta starts the it crashes and i get a crash dump file and some other one from steam in the avp folder. here is a pic:
please help me :'( i really wanna play

predator1106, Human, 12 years ago

this game is great!!! I just finished the predator missons.

the_doctor, Human, 12 years ago

I swear if my copy doesnt get delievered today im gonna go postal.

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

Do you live in Europe? Cause apparently the release date there has been pushed back a couple of days later than the American release date. That or your delivery service sucks.

But worry not, for this game is worth the wait IMO.

the_doctor, Human, 12 years ago

Australia mate :P

Lone_Hunter2, Human, 12 years ago

limited Hunter edition

I Haz it :D

the_doctor, Human, 12 years ago

Limited Hunter Edition.

I'm still waiting for it.

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

I've began to play it today. Yeah i played AvP2 before, good thing it is running again :)

Looks nice so far. But not THAT impressive. I'm in the club on lvl 1 right now, let's see if it becomes more scary.

Besides, i had to increase my mousespeed via windows. Even on max ingame setting it was very slow. Do yu guys got the same feeling?

Leandros88, Human, 12 years ago

FYCK YOU ALL. it's 7 PM and i have a project due tomorrow i haven't started, and it's all because of you fuckers! i hope your happy. and i haven't got it yet, money is really tight right now so i might get it later.

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

Stop crying like a smelly human baby. It's 01:25 on my clock and i'm NOT crying. Well of course i'm drunk.

Gonna be a nice day tomorrow.

the_doctor, Human, 12 years ago hunter edition arrived. damn Australia post.

mr_loco, Human, 12 years ago

Just rented it on PS3 last night at Blockbuster, been trying out the Predator, and so far the game seems hella cool..

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

I actually just finished all 3 campaigns today, and had been playing around on multiplayer for a while. I like this game, but it's still quite flawed.

The campaigns are great, as the 3 races feel like they should. Marines as always is the best one because the tense feeling is there like in the old games, or at least any part that does not have synthetics. My main complaints are the fact that they recycle almost all of the levels and make you go through it again for the other races. This and the AI is inconsistent. Sometimes they're aggressive, sometimes they do nothing but crawl around in front of you.

Multiplayer is fun, especially Survivor. Anyone who's a fan of Aliens or waiting for Colonial Marines should definetly try this. Other fun modes include Species DM, Infestation and Predator Hunt. The main issue is matchmaking. It sucks. You usually have to wait a good 15 minutes before you can get into a game. Browsing games doesn't work either as they always give you games that are already full or already started.

mr_loco, Human, 12 years ago

Just finished the Predator campaign today and man IMO it was too short, I would've liked a few more levels... I liked the graphics and the game play was pretty good, but as I said, there's very few missions and also I would've liked a few more weapons like the Predators net gun or something...

Cerrata, Human, 12 years ago

Maybe AvP 4 will be better...

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

Or maybe AvP5...

Seriously, I keep saying "IT'S LIKE AVP1" and then you're surprised that it's like AvP1.


cleticyautja, Human, 12 years ago

i found the marine and predator campaigns great but im still finshin off the alien campaign.

delta-boy, Human, 12 years ago

I completed Marine on hard, was brill. I flew through Predator on normal, and I'm half way through the Alien campaign on hard.

Also, the multiplayer is great! I just cant wait till my MOCK's finish so I can play it properly.

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

Did yu found all audio logs?

Still searchin' for one in "Ruins".

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago


Sorry, i just couldn't resist.