Aliens RPG cancelled D:

delta-boy, Human, 11 years ago

Sorry guys if this is a re-post, but according to Obsidian, they have canecelled.

"Developer breaks silence, confirms all work has ceased on sci-fi film-inspired role-playing project; publisher says there are "no plans to move forward" with the game."

Bad news for me, as I was actually really looking forward to this since Obsidian are one of the best RPG dev's. Still but, we have Aliens: Colonial Marines & AVP3 to look forward, although I wont be a faithful work minded drone cocooning survivors with residue for the new year, Ill hopefully be shotgunning an Xenos carapace in, or pumping a pred full of hot lead.

The link is a couple of weeks old, but can be found here...;title;1

-Bloo-, Human, 11 years ago

It's really old news but sad anyway. I was actually looking forward to it.

Edit: But hey, they're still working on Fallout: New Vegas. It's using Fallout 3's engine and actually sounds like a great idea.