Alien 3 dorsal tubes

x_saysell, Human, 12 years ago

Ok this has been bugging me for the good part of .... well a long time now; the Alien in Alien 3 dosent have the dorsal pipes which the other sub-species have, now i know, the pipes on the back of the aliens are used as a filteration/coolant system to aid the aliens biological survival under the most extreme of conditions. I know this alien in the 3rd film is different in structure but the question I pose is this, how, without those filtering tubes on the back can this alien survive say, in space? or underwater?
Any ideas?

predator428, Human, 12 years ago

While I do agree that the tubes might assist in their breathing, we can't really be sure if that is their purpose. If the alien in Alien 3 had been born without them, then they probably are not necessary for survival.

Waralien, Human, 12 years ago

And possibly on top of that, the alien durived from a dog. Dogs can't sweat like humans so they've developed a different way to cool off. This is what the alien in alien 3 probably did. Remember they take traits from their host and this one took it from a dog. Not really sure if that was a smart move.

x_saysell, Human, 12 years ago

Yea but humans dont have big tubes coming from their backs lol (well no-one I know does) so its possible that the tubes are part of the base anatomy of the xenomorph (like the double mouth)
So it could be possible that the Alien in Alien 3 is more genetically based upon the dog, thus not having the tubes coming from the back, although this could also mean that the runner has a much reduced resistance to temperature changes, hence the violent reaction when its surface temperature is suddenly changed.

predator428, Human, 12 years ago

That is probably correct, hot lead is not a dog's natural environment after all.

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

maybe they just forgot to put them there when they made the CGI.

TITANOSAUR, Human, 12 years ago

Giger designed the original Alien with the tubes for Head support. also when he was designing the Runner, it was no use incorprating the tubes in the design. because it ran on all fours. thats what it said on the ALIEN Quadrilogy ALIEN3 DVD.