After Watching The Trailer

Alienation, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I have noticed that when the xenos attack the humans, they just kill them instead of dragging them to their hive (if they will have one). Does this mean that there only 2 facehuggers in the movie?(where they get the 2 animal hunters)

ScarredShadow, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

From what I saw in the trailer there seemed to be a hive forming like either in the sewer or in the hospital because in one trailer inside the hospital threw his shurken and it seemed to be thrown into a hive. In another trailer a woman was running toward a hive when the Wolf pinned her to a wall in the hospital. Check out the trailer I mean I'm probably wrong but it looks like there is a hive there.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Since there is no egg laying queen, there is no point dragging people to the hive, therefore they kill them. And there aren`t only 2 facehuggers, who said there will only be 2 facehuggers?

Namicole, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

if there are only two huggers itll be just as gay as AVP. (death i had a dream last night and you did somtin mean to me... cant remember what but you were all up in my face and stuff)

Alienation, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

The reason why I think why there are 2 facehuggers is because I only saw 2 in the trailer. There might be more (i hope)

The-Wolf, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

There's only two facehuggers in the movie. The rest of the Aliens come from the Predalien in a new interesting way. I don't mind it much but others really despise it. Its new but I can't see how its that bad to some.