Aliens Isolation: Wheres the big mama?

L___, Human, 5 years ago

What do we know so far?

1. There were multiple xenomorphs on the ship in "Aliens: Isolation".

2. There were a bunch of xenomorph eggs on the ship in "Aliens:Isolation" (obviously).

So my question is where is the queen? I really don't expect the answer I'm looking for but it would be interesting if there were some sort of easter egg of the queen alien around some where. I sorry if I wasted five minutes of your life. I'm pleased if I didn't waste five minuts of your life.

Dark, Human, 5 years ago

I thought there was just 1 xenomorph and the eggs were from the derelict ship seen in the first Alien movie?

L___, Human, 5 years ago

Well, there starts off just being one alien. But then eventually the first xenomorph morphed into a queen and started producing eggs. Too bad we never get to see her.

Dark, Human, 5 years ago

please explain im not understanding this

badapple24, Human, 5 years ago

Ugh, okay. The ship had nothing to do with the eggs, the eggs were made like they originally supposed to be made, in the first movie's directors cut there is a scene where the crew members (Dallas namely) Was strung up, slowly being transformed into an egg, the game was meant to reflect the original ideas, and the eggs were former ship citizens who had met the same fate.