does the predator cloak work on aliens???

The-hunter, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

In avp you see an alien stap a cloaked predator throught the back. But in avp2 the predator sneeks up on the alien thats eating by the pool and stabes it. So does the cloak work ??????

predator428, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

We can't be sure about the level of senses that an alien posesses, but it is likely that the alien in AvP-R was too distracted by its meal to notice the predator behind it. A predator's cloak not working on aliens is a canon fact.

Grid-Head, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

The tech dose not get to the xenomorphs sadly.I guess
that if xenomorphs learn more about pred tech they can use it.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Uh... I know they were clever to cut the power and everything, but are Xenos really that smart?

(now that I've learned the italics code, you can bet your ass I'm going to use it constantly.)

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

"There just animals man!"

Who knows the queen used an elevator.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

How many times i gotta bash these goddamn xenophobes who say aliens, legal or otherwise, are just darn anymals? Again i say! Capability for intelligence in a species is affected by the proportion between the mass of the brain and the mass of the body. As xenomorphs' heads represent about 1/3 of the body, if that head is mostly filled with brain, i'd say humans are more animal than xenomorphs are. As the brain grows in a human, from birth to adulthood, it can sustain more and more information and process more complex operations, which is why they don't let children do whatever the hell they want all the time, so the next time you're a teen and think you're smarter than everybody, remember that your stupid brain hasn't grown enough yet, idiot! Aliens' brains grow at a very fast rate, however. Which would explain why as soon as they're drones they can quickly understand everything. But i think that the hivemind that connects them to the queen limits their potential preventing them from pulling tea party and declaration of independence. And no matter how intelligent, every living creature os guided primarily by a selfish instinct. This instinct, for xenomorphs, because of the genetic memory, tells them they need a hive, so they must have a queen. It's a vicious circle. I say the queen is also limited because of the hivemind. But if that link could be broken, who knows what a society xenomorphs would develop lol.