Review of Alien, Predator, or AVP Games!

Secret_Hero, Undefined, 12 years ago

As the title said, review games in the franchise of Alien, Predator, and AVP.
In reviewing, it will depends of the person on how he will review the game. It's a FREEDOM review.

Let me start: (ONE GAME PER PERSON.)


Graphics: 3.5/5
- Good 3D graphics in this game. The Wolf/Predator's AI appearance is quite impressive, but the only problem is it's face. Not like other PSP games, the AI's faces are impressive, not quite but totally impressive than this one. The targeting range for the plasma-cannon has the same texture in the movie. The heat vision might really hurt your eye a little if the humans really runs fast. Ouch, my eye! Lastly, the xenomorphs (Aliens) texture of it's 3D graphics is really old-school 3D, the environment cool 3D texture really save this game's butt in graphics. 3 words: NEEDS-MORE-EFFORT.

Sounds: 3/5
- The sound is very awful when it comes to ka-boom and other blows. Stepping of each human really reeks. But the background music isn't that good enough to make thrills in each part. Low score for this one.

Gameplay: 4.5/5
- This category really save this game's butt! The gameplay is you only use Wolf/Predator in the game. The plot really covers in the movie, the same places where the movie is taking part of. Lastly, the two player in wireless to exterminate Alien hordes coming your way and help together to wipe all xenomorphs and evidences. Good gameplay.

Replay: 2.5/5
- You'll be bored if you play it again. Nothing's special for playing this game again, than the others. Others have bonuses, like Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, there are some galleries to be unlocked by doing some/completing the additional missions, this is the way to make a game more fun.

Overall: 3/5
- The game's good, but not good enough for the others. AVP:R Game is the same with the movie in it's gameplay, nothing special in this game.

It's your turn.

02121992, Undefined, 12 years ago

avpr psp

here's what i give this game: 2/5