About the drone in Alien

Alienation, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Okay, a drone transforms into a queen when a queen is dead. The facehugger attacked Kane(I think that this was his name) and was on their ship afterwards. When the chestburster came out, it turned into a drone.

Was the drone supposed to turn into a queen or was it supposed to stay a drone?

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Crow, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Alienation, that all really depends solely upon opinion and personal theory.

We have no idea what that egg made by that drone in Alien held. It could have been a super facehugger, it could have been a regular facehugger.

Likewise, we don't know if drones can transform into queens or not.

I personally favor the concept of a drone advancing to the state of a queen on its own, and the eggs it mutates from other organisms to be typical facehuggers, as this is efficient on both a genetic and biological level. It's easier to take a complex organism and make it into an even more advanced one than to take a lesser creature of a different species, devolve it into basics, and then grow the most advanced creature from there.


Stalker, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

The drone "infected" Brett, slowly causing his body to morph into a superfacehugger egg. This can be seen in the Special Edition of Alien. A drone cannot directly morph into a Queen, but can use this method of infection in the hopes of procreating one in the future.


Stalker, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Exactly. The superfacehugger carries both a Queen embryo & a regular alien embryo, which will serve as the Queen's guard until she has "birthed" & matured enough to construct her ovipositior & begin to lay eggs.


Angus_Alien, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

... and the super facehugger carries the Alien Queen embryo, correct?


Stalker, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

It's a subject that could easily branch off into several different paths depending solely on opinion, although I've already stated mine.


daveberg, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I simply detest any other theories apart from the generalisations we have come to know from what we have seen and read in relation to the Alien movie franchise.

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