Quest for Capture


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*The daunting black chasm of space. A universe spanning countless planets, planets housing an ever growing evolution of different species, species waiting to be found, though, some species, they find you, relentless in their persuit, they hunt you down, hunt you to your death....

ZX2 - A small class 2 planetoid that now orbited an almost dead sun reared in it's sunrise as the searing heat of the over exposure of the near red giant sun scorched its surface.

20 years ago a small colony of miners had visited ZX2 searching for minerals, though, what they found was something much worse, a nightmarish creature, something simular to a massive killer bug had evolved on the baron planet which once was home to a ripe community of space travellers. There was no trace of the space settlers, the space shuttle docks now looked to be totally metamorphasized into a hideous thick resinous home to these 'things'
On investigation, the minors found scenes of sheer horror inside the black writhing form of the home of the creatures, hundreds of dead bodies strung to the walls in some sort of secreted ooze, all victim of a horrible death, something had burst out from inside them, something the minors didn't want to wait around to see, but, as fate had it, that was the last thing they saw......


The darkness of space enveloped the two small scout ships, only the small lighting of the decks illuminated their path. The destination - ZX2.

On entry into the planets high temprature atmosphere, the two ships seemed to hum into life, the 'living' quarters brimmed with activity as lcd displays and mechanical devices kicked into gear. Rushes of gaseous elements billowed out from several pods on both ships, it appeared that the crews of the scouting party had awoken as deep clicking noises and low growls now filled the corridoors of the small crafts. A large red hollogram appeared in the center of living quarters, it appeared to be a destination on the planet below, and old space craft hanger. A quick zoom in and the hologram projected something fearsome in its display, something that looked like a massive alien queen, with this, the room filled with roars from the crew.......