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An RPG is a role-playing game, which is exactly what it sounds like-you play as a fictional character and "fight" against other people playing other fictional characters. It's entirely text-based, which means grammar and spelling are important.

For example, if I were fighting Bloo in an RPG, our posts would go something like this-

DEATHDROP: "Deathdrop leaps at Bloo, swinging his wristblades in a wide arc."

BLOO: The blades rip through Bloo's exoskeleton. Roaring in pain and rage, Bloo claws Deathdrop's eye, blinding the Predator."

^ As you can see, I'm playing a Predator and Bloo is playing an Alien. My character does something, and his character reacts to it.

Since this is an Alien vs. Predator forum, your character selection is limited to Aliens, Predators, or Humans (usually marines). As such, try to keep them more or less within the limits seen in the various AVP media. No werewolf predators or laser-shooting aliens.

Don't worry; here's lots of room to be creative within these parameters.


Once you've come up with your character, you can challenge someone else to a "fight" in the sparring chamber in the designated "Request a Fight" topic on the main board. Either you or your opponent can create the topic. Once you've got the topic set up, you can begin the battle.


Before or after the topic is set up, you and your opponent decide where the fight will take place. Since a big portion of the AVP universe takes place in outer space, the setting can vary a lot. Swamps, deserts, jungles, cities, abandoned space stations, snowy tundras, underground caves, or ancient temples are all acceptable, as are any other settings you might come up with, provided it has some basis in the AVP Universe.


The Sparring Chamber, unlike full-on RPGs, is focused almost exclusively on combat. You and your opponent can decide how much or how little plot there should be. You can attack each other right out of the gate or build something of a story before the fight starts.

There are a few rules concerning combat-

1. No god-modding. This means, basically, don't have a giant boulder suddenly roll over your opponent just as you're about to lose.

2. One post at a time. If you make a post, wait until your opponent responds before making another.

3. No character-jacking. Within reason, don't take control of another person's character. There are obviously situations where it's acceptable to take some control-if you punch another character, it's OK to say "they fell down." Just don't go overboard. Let everyone else control their own character.

4. Please make at least six posts before attempting to "kill" your opponent. You can wait longer if you like, but just try not to be cheap.

5. Have fun, and don't take it too seriously. To borrow a phrase from Clint Eastwood, "It's just pretend, for Christ's sake." Try to be a good sport about winning and losing.

shockwave, Yautja, 11 years ago

do you get points even if you die?

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

All questions are to be asked in the Q&A Thread, your answer will be in there.