Bad Apple Vs Kaajin

Peterson, Human, 7 years ago

Follow the rules and enjoy!

badapple24, Human, 7 years ago

I'll start))

The thick desert heat permeated the bases internal structure, however this was where the normal day to day buisness would happen, however five floors below surface a scream was heard. Bad apple, killing more prey that seemed to be sent into his cage at a certain time of day. He looked at the humans who observed him in the lab, and bared his fangs, his mandibles extending as he growled. Awaiting the scientists to leave he pulled at his restraints, watching the steel bend rather easily. Silly humans, they didn't learn that we were stronger. He watched the doors. Awaiting them them to open, to which he never saw. Guess he had to do this the hard way. Quickly tearing through the door he growled and began to run down the hallway, android containment teams came and began to open fire. The predalien wasn't deterred and ran faster, tearing one in half and stomping another ones chest in he grabbed the third one and played with its skull eventually tearing it out holding it there and observing it, slowly heading further up the compound.

badapple24, Human, 7 years ago

The monstrosity stopped, hearing the roar of something much more... worthy of a fight. He turned, looking to the elevator down the hall, he growled, his mandibles flicking irritably. Slowly moving forward towards the door that would open he smashed at it, once, twice, three times and it smashed, it had done so in such a way that the elevator would get jammed, now he'd have time to possibly grab a few followers, he headed towards the other isolated cell blocks, breaking the chains on the other xenomorphs, now with a small pack of ten xenomorphs he growled. "Take the elevator down, we have a threat." He hissed, watching them scramble to try and find a way into the elevator shaft to cut the wires on it.

badapple24, Human, 7 years ago

The creature, growling as it felt it's small beginnings die. Looked down the hall, roaring in hopes to terrify the hunter that had dare step in his sanctuary.

Standing to his full height of about 8 feet in the air, his tail flicked irritably as he started down the darkened hallway. He had been born from one of these things, clearly he could kill one. He rounded the corner, his eyeless gaze turning to the predator. Badapple snarled and clicked his mandibles. Cocking his head to the side and observing it, he was looking forward to this fight. He didn't wait for the first move, charging into the heat of battle smashing into the predator, hoping to get him trapped against the wall to make it an easy kill, however he thought this one resourceful as it had killed most of his hive within minutes. And didn't expect it to go down easy

badapple24, Human, 7 years ago

Badapple screeched, feeling a scratch deep enough for greenish yellow acid blood spraying everywhere, melting a lot of area space around the creature, he looked around and sprayed acid at the large predator, hoping to either melt armor or weapon systems, he knew what these ones were capable of, and it was a dangerous plan. Jumping away from him, it had already began to heal up. Backing away he cocked his head and growled, that had hints of the predator clicking, his mandibles moving freely. Snarling he awaited to see what his acid would do.

badapple24, Human, 7 years ago

He roared, and planted himself on the ground, much like a football player would before getting hit, he awaited till the predator was within range and struck with his tail, trying to either draw blood from him, anywhere to try and send him into shock or to cut deep, even impale the predator. Lighter wasn't a good thing for him, it also meant he could use his tail to impale him.

He also had his huge clawed hands ready, if his tail attack had failed he would rush the predator and grab him, trying to cause damage any way he could.

badapple24, Human, 7 years ago

Bad apple growled once more before feeling his bottom jaw seperate from his body, his blood pouring out all over his chest, he shook, no longer trying to separate the predator in two pieces, he slammed the hunter against the wall repeatedly, specks of acid blood flicking off his chest onto the predators torso and legs, he'd want to make this painful now. He grabbed him by the throat, felt his mandibles flicking irritably. He growled, awaiting the predators next move, pinning his wristblade down with his other hand.

badapple24, Human, 6 years ago

Badapple gagged and held the creature with relative ease. Releasing his grip slightly to puke acidic blood up over Kaajin, looking back to the large humanoid he growled. The acid finally giving the floor away. Snarling as they both plummeted down to the next floor, then the next, until the hit the bottom. He had fallen onto his back as he fell down with the floor, but he recovered quickly. Looking at him with a snarl, his lip quivering. The predator had been wounded severely. His hand now completely missing, bits of flesh clinging on bitterly. He smiled. The smell and taste of blood made him want to finish it now. He staggered a little, exhausted from the bloody battle that insued, not to mention the copious amounts of blood he lost.