The least successful film in this series was directed by stylemaster (and content-underachiever) David Fincher. Ripley, the only survivor of her past mission, awakens on a prison planet in the far corners of the solar system. As she tries to recover, she realizes that not only has an alien gotten loose on the planet, the alien has implanted one of its own within her. As she battles the prison authorities (and is aided by the prisoners) in trying to kill the alien, she must also cope with a distinctly shortened lifespan that awaits her. But the striking imagery makes for muddled action and the script confuses it further. The ending looks startling but it takes a long time--and a not particularly satisfying journey--to get there.


Alien 3 what can I say is the best


Alien 3 is more like a sentimental and trajedy movie it wasn't what everyone expected because it was improvisated not planed . . . that was the mistake in this fantastic anthology haa and I like the col Dog Alien or runner predators aren't that famous Alien get the objectives but predator didn't get anything



I think it is an ok movie but the graphics where really fake but I like the phrase yoo hoo hey fuck face

My thoughts on "Alien 3"


Alien 3 was made in the early 90's and it was at the time where CGI was not commonly used and it was not very good either. However, you know what it's like when something new comes out -- ya just want to use it! They were having fun with a new concept back when faster computers were able to capture the fun of CGI. This was in the time of "Jurassic Park" as well, but one movie had more funding and more time for the graphics.

Alien 3 was on a budget, and a deadline.

The result was that the graphics totally sucked.

The acting, however, was still top notch! If I can overlook the graphics, it's a good story and a good lesson all in one package.

1. Good actors can make the film.

2. Just because the Pentium processor makes easy CGI, doesn't mean that it looks good, even if it is top of the line and new.

So they should have gone with models and electronics more, like the second movie. But playing with that new technology sort of got the producers addicted, even though it wasn't the best stuff in the world to be working with, at the time.

Even now, the best way to get by with CGI is to focus on the acting the most, yet, use CGI and models equally. An overload of any one thing will kill the movie for certain people.

I, however, have imagination enough to fill in the gaps where CGI went wrong -- therefore, it was a good movie to me. I can understand if other people need the realistic images.

Some will hate it, some will love it, some will enjoy it.



I LOVED IT!!! The best part of the whole thing was the alien-Its design, a very slim but fast creature... LOVE IT!!!-(Ripley lookes awesome with barely any hair)

Alien3 is better than Aliens

Pred Killer

I personally say it was better than Aliens. It had a better storyline, special effects, acting, and the score was amazing, not to mention the setting was just breath-taking, and the alien itself, beastly. The way it breached those 10 or more tons of boiling hot lead with ease, and emerged little more than a bit pissed off, truly showed this 'bug's' true strength, as so for so long it had been undermined to be nothing more than a weak space insect, and for so long the Predators had been given the upper hand in, technology, speed, strength, well, just about anything, Alien 3 truly showed the Alien's pros, it's physical strength, much greater than that of a Predator's while they have the upper hand in technology, aliens is in Strength, Alien 3 demonstrates this flawlessly. The ending was also truly amazing, and I felt it had closure to it as well. If only Resurrection hadn't come in and f*cked it up.

Giving the fans an F U

me man

It wasn\'t a total loss it had its moments it was just a bit bleak and killing Newt and Reese...sorry Hicks was just a low blow right off the bat that makes you hate the film maker. All that effort and drama put forth in Aliens just to be smooshed for no good reason was a big fuck you to the fans. Killing off beloved characters just to make a movie fit your own personal vision is irresponsible to the license. For this reason alone you should totally boycott this movie.