The least successful film in this series was directed by stylemaster (and content-underachiever) David Fincher. Ripley, the only survivor of her past mission, awakens on a prison planet in the far corners of the solar system. As she tries to recover, she realizes that not only has an alien gotten loose on the planet, the alien has implanted one of its own within her. As she battles the prison authorities (and is aided by the prisoners) in trying to kill the alien, she must also cope with a distinctly shortened lifespan that awaits her. But the striking imagery makes for muddled action and the script confuses it further. The ending looks startling but it takes a long time--and a not particularly satisfying journey--to get there.


This the worst alien movie of the seirs

jim bob

This the worst alien movie of the seirs because number one:no guns.number two:bunch of idots runing around in a jail.number three:crp.Hicks wasent in it ps.he the cool guy.number four:the main charator Riply deaded.this movie is a steming pile of you know what.


Will the Might

Why do you idiots give this a bad review. This is such a cool film and should not be disssed because it has no guns! Guns were none existence in ALIEN and so i don't know why you give ALIEN a good review and why you give ALIEN 3 such shit reviews!
Why you say ALIEN 3 is so different from ALIEN and ALIENS when they are both different from each other? ALIEN is a horror movie. It uses loads of cool techniques and the best sets in the entire ALIEN franchise. AlIENS on the other hand decides to let the guns do the talking and let loads of aliens run about on the screen! Thus the horror is let down. So ALIENS is far different from ALIEN, so stop saying this bullshit about ALIEN 3 being different from the other films when they are all different from one anoth...when observed very closly.
The direction is perfect! David Fincher did a good job! The acting is class! The horror techniques are brilliant and make ALIEN 3 far scarier than ALIENS due to the alien being shown less and running in dark environments. The graphic of the violence is something which makes this film a classic and should be well observed by fans.
Overall, if you dis ALIEN 3, you are not an ALIEN fan! So PISS OFF! And don't come back!



I thought ALIEN 3 was good. I thought the story was good. I really the idea of the dog alien. However I didn't like that ripley had an alien in her and that she died, but I loved it and I'm proud to be an Alien fan

OK.. Hicks is really kl, but he doesnt make a movie

Chrissy Boi

I thought Aliens 3 was good, ok they made the risk of no guns, but they made up to it with the amount of chasing and shit your pants moments when the alien was no where to be seen then bam, mini alien mouth just rushed through the back of your head completely destroying your brains, what else made it better was the prisnors, added more humour to it was good to see some british dudes in an aliens movie.
And plus i get sick of the guns sometimez, its good to see some challenging situations and a shit load of running, just put your self as one of the prisoners and think of the adrenaline rush you would have, i would fuckin love it even if i got my head ripped off then munched.

Terrible movie


This is a terrible movie! I mean nobody from aliens survied! It's like a terminator movie where the terminator wins. Plus there was bareley any action. I just dont like it :(

needs more action


aliens was a better movie because of the giant robot but alien 3 was so stupid. predators are better

Alien 3

Ridley scott

I saw this movie last night on demand on comcast and it was freaken sweet! The no guns part really pissed me off though. Newt, was fucked with cyro fluid. Hicks impaled from a safety divice or somthing. all in alll it was a great movie. the dog alien hybrid awesome but most encounters were fake aliens CGI at its beginning.

I loved it;


4 out of 5 for the story, the ambiance, the character personalities(Morse was pretty awesome), the camera style, the humor near the end (Morse slaps some common sense into one prisoner after nearly being stabbed by said inmate's scissors), the only thing I didn't like was the fact it closed the series off so soon. The ending opened up the whole crappy Resurrection theme, tho. So, 4 out of 5.