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What is it my mom asked, why are you crying? I was only 12 years old and I had already murdered a man. I could not wash the blood from my hands nor my mind. I was stepping into the world of crime and corruption, my innocent childhood years were over.

Local date: July, 1st, 5 years after my father was murdered, dying at the age of 42.

My father had always been gentle and kind man, even through the toughest times he tried to be positive and keep our family together. He was the only one who could bring safety and money to our household. But as he died, I had to step into his shoes and make sure that our family would get enough money and food to live for another week.

I was walking with my father to the store when it happened, I was only 7. We were stalking a store with him, waiting for the shopkeeper to close up. He used to take me to the town outside the slums few times a month, so I could learn and see how to steal food for our family in case something happened to him. He grabbed me from my hood and whispered: " Make sure to keep your hood on the whole time incase someone sees us, we don't want them to come after our family ". As shopkeeper was closing the store, I grabbed my father from his sleeves and made him promise me that nothing would happen. He never saw it, but I was very nervous everytime we were stealing food for our family, and I was afraid for both of us.

My dad told me to wait outside as he ran to the store window and jumped inside, I was counting the seconds, worried if someone would see us. As I was waiting, I saw my father waving from the window telling me to run. I didn't want to leave without my father, so I tried to yell and tell him to come out of the store fast. His tears were dropping as he looked me to my eyes and yelled: " RUN! ". I had never heard him yell so loud, and I got so scared that I was running for my life before I even knew it. While I was running, I was so horrified that I couldn't run straight, so I fell to ground and broke my arm. As I heard scream from the store, I turned around to see what was happening. And there he was, my father stabbed to death lying on the ground. There was an tall caucasian looking man, looking straight to me with an grin on his face. Then it hit me as I realized, that when I fell to the ground, my hood had fallen off my head. The man who murdered my father, now saw me and my face, and recognized me from my clothes, as they were the exact replicas from my fathers clothes. He was starting to walk towards me as he would want to hurt me.

Because my broken arm, I could not move anywhere nor try to fight back. He was closing by and there was nothing I could do. When suddenly a boy of my age grabbed me from my clothes and carried me away whilst running to the center of the town. Before I lost my consciousness, I saw the tall caucasian man blur out and getting further.. He looked really strong and confident, and for some reason he reminded me of my father, in a good way.

Little did I know, since the boy who saved me that day, was going to take me on his spaceship as we would grow up and become adults. There he would be a respected and highly known man named " Xeuss ", and I would work for him there for the rest of my life. I always watched to the sky as I was a kid, and said to myself " One day I will go there to the unknown darkness ", but I never believed it to actually happen. That time I didn't care about anything else than my family, and my only friend who had saved me from certain death.

At home with my mother next to me, she had asked me why I was crying. I never told her the real reason why my father had died, because she hated his work, she was always scared for him and wanted him to stop the criminal life. I just couldn't tell mom that our father died because what he did, even though he did it for us, his family. So I couldn't tell her why I was crying, because I had just moments ago killed the caucasian looking man, who had killed my father. I was crying for joy, because all the pain, suffering and sorrow he had caused for me, was now gone. I could be in peace and continue my life, without fear of that tall caucasian looking man stalking our family and friends.

I was on normal quest, to get our family some food from the town. There was the same shop where my father was killed, and I was trying to find a chance to break in there so I could steal food. I had not been there since my father died, and I was sweating as if it was 100 degrees. As I was regaining my confidence, I saw the shopkeeper leave the store and lock the doors. At that moment I jumped from the tree and rushed to the window, I wanted to do this as fast as possible. When I was running towards the window, I saw a really familiar face, as if I had seen him before. Before I could remember him, he recognized me and started to run towards me. Then I remembered him, and I jumped through the shop window to the store, and hided behind shelves. It was the caucasian looking man who had murdered my father, and now he had climbed in the store looking for me. He didn't know where I was, so he tried to taunt me to come out of my hide by telling me how my father had cried and begged him to not come after me. I had never been so mad, never. So I came out of my hiding spot, and told him how he had ruined my life and everything that I had believed in. He just laughed and told me that he would take me down, as slow as he did take my father down, so he could see me and my father die the same way. I was ready to fight him even though he was twice my length. Now he was running towards me and tried to keep my courage and be ready to confront him. Just as he was about to hit me, his foot got strangled on some old wires that the shopkeeper had used incase a burglar would break into his shop. Now the alarm bell was ringing and my fathers killed was lying on the ground, as he fell and hit his head on a table. He said that no matter what I did, I could never get my father back, so I said to him: " I maybe can't bring my father back, but I can make you go away ". As I finished my sentence, I quickly bended over to my knife and slit his throat. The town folks came to look what was alarming at the shop, and soon the police came also. All they could find was my fathers killer, lying there, dead.

Soon after I had killed the caucasian looking man, my mother found another love and married him. They left to another country, but I could not live that life anymore, and I didn't need to because now there was another man, who would do anything he could to keep my family safe. My friend who saved me that one night, asked me if I wanted to join his crew on a spaceship, I had never seen one nor been in one. I gladly joined his team, and went to work for him at the spaceship, so I could start a new life, a fresh start.


Name: Uzoma Rudo Zuberi, later named Ullip

Height: little over 5 feet

Age: 31

Appearance: Black skin, bald head. Wears a hood that his father gave him when he was a child, later started to repair the hood and make it bigger, making it a highly valuable artifact for him.

Motto: " Fight for what you believe, or die for what you love. "

History: After Xeuss enlisted with the marines and left earth, Ullip started to find work as assassin, because his family didn't need him anymore to protect them. While Ullip worked as assassin, he learned to how to master firearms and combat and soon became on of the best at what he did. Later Xeuss returned to Earth for Operation Ties That Bind. After he was done, Xeuss found Ullip, and took him on his ship with him.

Personality: Tries to aim for the good, but gets mad really easily.

Born and raised in South-Africa slums.
Weapons he carry varies from time to time, for protection he wears a bulletproof vest.