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Race: Yautja

Gender: Male

Age: 121

Height: 7'9"

Weight: 402lbs

Caste: Blooded, Assault Class

Trophies Aquired: 13

Calm towards humans, however if attacked, he becomes a ravaging blood lustful beast, showing no mercy to those whom attack him.

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Plasmacaster: A shoulder mounted energy cannon, used primarily for incapacitating the prey and usually killing them on impact. These can vary from different types, such as the Ancient Hydra cannons. Hunter, is supplied two of these, one upon each shoulder for maximum firepower. His visual interface within his helmet indicates exactly how much power is supplied within each shot, and controls it to his desired intensity. His energy is colored purple, unique of that which is regular clans, and given only to specific Yautja. It also is customized with a blue "Tri-dot" sight that usually ensures a hit upon the chosen target. Modified helmet interface also guarantees him full control of where the cannon aims, as it is internally connected to the helmet, meaning that whatever way Hunter turns his head, the cannon aims directly at that exact spot. A final unique ability of his cannons are that their modes can be switched from energy bolts, to constant energy streams, but are only used in times of war for the plasmastream

Wrist blades
Hunter's wrist blades are retractable twin blades built into the gauntlet mounted on the Predator's forearm which consist of a series of backward-pointing barbs. They are primarily used as a stabbing weapon, but also make effective slashing weapons. The blades can be rotated to face away from the user, making a backward slash more effective. A stab from the backwards-facing blades is frequently used as a killing blow. They are each 3 1/2 feet in length at full contraction.

The blades are literally grafted to the Hunter's arms and any attempts at surgical removal would produce cardiac arrest in him. Research further speculates that the cardiac arrest may be the result of an anti-tampering mechanism.

It also appears that the Predators are able to shoot the wristblades out towards an opponent, as seen in AVP, when "Scar" fires his into The Queens Neck.

There are two versions of the Predator Netgun. The first is where it is a gun-like weapon that fires a man-sized net at its target, who is violently thrown and trapped against the nearest surface. The net then begins to constrict itself and cut apart the trapped individual inside.

A second version of the Netgun is seen to be a smaller version mounted on the Predator's wrist gauntlet. The net is extremely powerful as well.

Self-destruct Device
Each Predator carries a self-destruct device mounted on their wrist computer. Once activated, this device starts off a countdown, red LEDs of extraterrestrial numerals, in the Predator's gauntlet serve as a warning. After a short delay, the device sets off a large-scale explosion, and is normally used as a final resort when a Predator's defeat is guaranteed in a desperate attempt to maintain its honor. The self-destruct device appears to be nuclear or anti-matter based in nature, capable of destroying anywhere between a few hundred yards, to a large kilometric range. However, it can be set to more, perhaps in an attempt to destroy the victorious elements while committing honorable suicide and/or to remove any traces of the Predator's existence.


The medicomp is not a weapon. It is a small case that contains various medical equipments should Hunter ever be injured. One of the medical gadgets in it resembles a spike with a handle and contains a material similar to plasma. It also contains a burner and a vial of liquid that when mixed with other materials, creates a healing compound that can be used to treat and cauterize almost any wound, from minor to mortal, that Hunter may have.

Mesh Jumpsuit
This is the mesh underlay of Hunters armor, as is most Yautja. It resembles something like a fishnet wrapped around his body. However, its look is deceiving, as it electrically generates and insulates heat for Hunter and all Yautja of any type. The mesh system is also apparently part of his active camoflague system, creating teh electrical barrier that covers Hunter's body completely. The wire is made of an unknown type of threads, but it is obviously of a metal sconstruct or possibly alloy mix, as it easily conducts electricity.

The mask contains many things that help Hunter conquer his way into the world, including an advanced vision system as well as multiple vision modes from infra-red to heat sensory visor mode. It also has a respirator so that he is able to breath properly without any disruptions, though he can do so without his mask. He also has a translator that can translate all known languages on a universal scale, whether it be the natives of earth, or possibly unknown lifeforms that humanity has yet to find. There are also a few diagnostic settings that include a monitor of heart rate for humans as well as himself, proper Endorphine monitoring, wavelengths of all noises around him, and many many more. A gas mask and scuba mask also reside within the helmet, letting Hunter expand his movements beyond land and into the harshest of environments.

Cloaking Device
The active camoflague system, presumably controlled by the mesh underlay, bend the light around Hunter and create what would appear to be a transparent image system, blending in with whatever environment he may be in. The weakness to his cloaking device, as all Yautja have, is that if it comes into contact with water, in completely short-circuits and becomes useless for a set amount of time.

Plate Armor
Hunters armor is a customized, multi-layered metal brestplate, more durable than regular warriors and of a lightweight, unknown type of metal. It resembles somewhat of a medival type armor with different properties than regular armor. Unlike many Yautja armor pieces, Hunter's armor can not only withstand the acidic property of Xenomorphic blood for a time, but actually withstand it completely and not be affected by such a thing. His vulnerable body parts, however, are a different story. The symbols of what appeared to be a carved skull into his breastplate can be seen. The many skulls he carries are actually decorative pieces connected across his waistline as a sort of belt, providing a small cover for his mid-section for a short amount of time.

Other Weapons

A "Spear Gun" which fires a small metal blade at a high velocity. The blade is said to look like a "Spear Tip". The Spear gun shoots the spear at such a high velocity that it completely eliminates the need for leading.

A projectile weapon fires a small missile off the Predator's left wrist gauntlet, which seems to be only effective against un-armored opponents, but still causes a reasonable amount of damage.

A barbed wire, which is used to choke its victims.

He is also armed with numerous knives. These are also immune to the Xenomorph's acidic blood.

A blue-glowing, high-velocity, boomerang-type weapon. This weapon is so fast that its features can only be seen by frame-by-frame viewing.

At the end of Alien vs Predator, Lex (Lathan) was given a single-handed weapon by what appeared to be an elder Predator. This weapon was collapsible much like the CombiStick.

UPDATE: ME and shadow of balatu is in the same account name in Predatorv2's site