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what is your fav. predator weapon

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What your favorite type of Alien

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{MY CHARACTER}: I was born during a very difficult time because while i was being born a clan of predators were attacking our hive. i then emerge for my egg and start looking for a host and as i was look i saw a predator very badly injured so i then attack him and make him my host. then as the battle was almost done i broke out of the predator i was in and then started to grow but then the predator thought i was a dead alien and then carry there dead and left and then i finally got done growing and i search around to find any survivors but there was none left alive and so then i start to roam around the planet to dig up anthing i come find on that clan but instead i ran into Angus and he let me into his hive. so i join up with Shadow Serpents but is still searching for that clan that destroy my old hive------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
{IN REAL LIFE}: im Chase Johnson i am a good fan of Alien vs Predator (i cant wait to watch the 2nd one) i also have watch both of the predator movies--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------00Alien_sig06-1.png
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