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Hello this is my updated profile. First things first I am best friends with IceNeko(Vikki), BloodHarpy(Eva) and LadyDeathStriker(Elli). I plan on joining the marines if you have a problem with that then go click on another page please. Thank you!

Name: Duke
Gender: Male
Weight:235 lbs
Appearance: Tall, dark, muscular, tough. Usually wears a pair of dark camouflage pants, black t-shirt, black combat boots, a black bullet proof jacket the covers, his torso up to his neck , a pair of dog tags and a vest with a gun strapped to the side.
Personality: Very serious, has a mean streak, brave, smarts, gives orders but will take them is needed. Has compassion for those in need but if your in a situation the requires you use a gun or you have to run he follows one rule. Never fall behind and never whip out of your ass gets left behind.
Weapons: Two pistols, pulse rifle, serrated army knife and a few grenades.
History: Duke always knew he would be a marine when he was old enough like his father before him and like his father's friend Davy Evans. Duke was close friends with Donovan Evans and the two were even in the same unit together until Donovan’s death. He missed his friend dearly and hopped he could help out his fellow brother in arm's family his mother and two sister especially Veronica who he often called V. Duke was late transported to another planet as part of a team know as bug hunter, seeing as their job was wiping out Xenomorph hives. He got good pay made some good friends and was doing pretty good, until one day he would never forget. A company man approached him one day with an offer he couldn't refuse. A position as commander of a elite group of mercenaries who were hired to go after other rebel mercenary groups, Duke accepted but was still a loyal marine to the book. This job was handed to him at a young age which meant this was a very serious position that required he keep his new troops in order. His new job had him going after all sorts of worlds tracking down criminals of all sorts. One day a member of his team turned up dead, at first he thought it was an accident until a friend of his died the same way a month later. Soon everyone he knew was either dead or relocated. He grew suspicious when his boss requested he view the files of five wanted criminals, Duke reluctantly agreed. The firs two were just some guys who were charged with under-the-table-deals, broke free and were dealing again so he didn’t really care. It was the last to files that got him, Kacey, Roni and little Kieran were listed are wanted criminals. Kacey was being framed for a various list of crimes that he knew she didn’t commit. Roni had changed in appearance considerably, she still had her thin dreadlocks but her skin, Roni was already dark in complexion but now her skin was jet black, her eyes were fire-orange and she changed her name to Harpy and she was listed as a very high risk and an extreme danger. She was wanted dead, apparently the doctor who worked on her alteration said she was to be harvested but now had other plans for the girl. He wanted to have her brought in heavily sedated but that didn’t work because of her acid blood and her immunity to most things including heavy sedatives. Kieran on the other had he wanted brought in alive and as unharmed as possible, he deemed the young girl a prototype to her sister Harpy and a valuable asset to the Xenomorph Weaponry program. Duke outraged that those around him were dying or being shipped far away went AWOL and even killed two of his boss’s associates just to erase all the information hey ha don him and Kacey. He didn’t have any success with Roni and Kieran’s files since they were guarded and couldn‘t be accessed right away, he decided to let Roni and Kieran do that once he found them. If he found them so far the only person he did find was Kacey, who was now a mercenary though the two are with each other now.


"It's not an attitude problem, we are that good."