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Name: Sion Jehdin (Simply called Sion or "Steel" by his comrades due to the fact that he has endured great amounts of punishment, earning himself the title "Skin of Steel", however it's not Steel in Yautja language, but the metal in Predator 2 that doesn't correspond to the periodic table, it's just that it doesn't have any name, that's why it's Steel instead. It's just symbolical, you know.)

Race: Yautja

Clan: None, currently seeks a spot in the renowned Balatu clan.

Rank: Blooded

Height: 7'8 and growing, caused by over-secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary gland.

Weight: 365 pounds

Age: 190

Skin: Iron-grey with black stripes all over the body, like a tiger :)

Hair: Dreads. Obviously.

Eyes: Red; hence the avatar.

Weapons: Pretty much almost the entire set. However, due to Sion's very strong belief in the code of honour (even though he has a great lack of moral), he prefers to use melee weapons. So a beautiful naginata, a ceremonial dagger, a combi-stick and twin blades with jagged double edges originally belonging to his father is the first choice, showing Predator pride. Shurikens and Smart Discs are in second hand. Only in desperation does he use projectile weapons.

Other Equipment: The armor is beaten and has many marks on it, after various attacks. He has a mark on his helmet which looks like "?" quite big noticable mark that he received from the tail of an adult xenomorph (that later pierced his stomach), stretching from the bottom of the torso to the top in a diagonal line. The armor's color is similar to his skin. The manufacturer did so on purpose. However this one is inverted. It's completely black but it has grey stripes covering the entire armor.

Scars: Even though Sion has engaged in many battles, he has a surprisingly small amount of scars. He has a scar on his forehead which he intentionally made with the xenomorphs' acid blood, as a symbol of the fact that he has killed his first prey. His back is covered in small scars due to a surprise attack caused by a horde of xenomorphs clashing their claws against his back, eventually penetrating the armor. He has a huge hole in the stomach area caused by an adult xenomorph's tail, as mentioned above.

History: When Sion was yet to return from his first hunt, his father flees from an unsuccessful hunt, resulting in him being chased across the galaxy, eventually being found and killed. His family is dishonored, and an Elder sends him and his brothers to a planet called Crematoria, only inhabited by xenomorphs. Over the night, the brothers are attacked by xenomorphs, and eventually slaughtered. Fortunately for him, the xenomorphs seemed to have infested the bodies of small animals which lived on the planet before the aliens' arrival, making the xenomorphs' size, strength and (strangely) intelligence very small compared to an average adult xenomorph. With only Sion himself left on the planet except for the xenomorphs, he climbs a nearby mountain, and later on, barricading himself in a cave. What he doesn't realize is that three xenomorphs were already inside the cave. According to the Elder's report on Sion's time in the cave, he was exposed to "extreme torture"; while Sion was asleep, the aliens attempted to dismember his body parts and stretched his bones to extreme length and to other parts of the body that they otherwise would not possibly be ever stretched to. Overwhelmed by his physical feelings, he kills all three of them; one with his bare hands by ripping off it's head with the additional help of adrenaline, and the other two by cutting off their heads with the twin blades. As a result, he developed an outstanding pain tolerance, being able to psychologically channel what pain he feels into anger, as seen on a hunt, when he did not respond when a xenomorph whipped his back with the tail, and moments later lunged his naginata into it's spine furiously. As an addition, caused by the aliens' bone stretching, he gained the ability to dislocate his limbs for brief moments with only slight signs of discomfort. After his encounter with the three aliens, he finally rests, only to wake up with an insane plan; he removes his artificial hormone regulators, and with that being done, powerful hormones secrete from a gland located between his neck and collarbone into his bloodstream, driving him to hyper aggression. He destroys the barricade and enters a frenzied rage, accompanied by the arrival of large amounts of xenomorphs. He could not control this kill fury, and ventures suddenly to the highest point of the mountain. He attracts all weak xenomorphs, and pushes away all enemies from the mountain that attempt to attack him. After many nights of endless rage and xenomorph corpses, his hormone flow stabilizes, eventually knocking him unconscious. By removing his regulators and releasing the hormones, he almost got himself killed. But in the end, it was a risk worth taking. Later, he wakes up, only to find out that he has killed hundreds upon hundreds of these small, inferior xenomorphs. He continues killing the remaining weak xenomorphs on the planet that he can find. He discovers that some parts of xenomorphs are edible by eating a limb as an act of desperation due to the loss of any other, otherwise normal food. By carefully removing any traces of acid blood, it is possible to eat it. As 10 years go by, a predator ship arrives with an Elder on it. He had done more than proving himself worthy of being a true warrior. The Elder was completely astonished as he went down from the ship to meet Sion. Piles upon piles of xenomorph skulls along with their spines laid on the ground in front of Sion as trophies, now twice as tall, tenfolds tougher, tenfolds stronger, and most importantly, now acknowledged as a true warrior. He did not just serve off his punishment, but also gained honour for his great deed on Crematoria, almost causing xenomorph extinction on the part of the planet he lived on over the years. "Do you have any place for my trophies?" he asked the Elder, who laughed hysterically. When he returned, he got himself quite some reputation and respect as the only survivor of Crematoria. He became finally a blooded warrior after serving off the punishment. He is known in some areas of his homeworld, and continues to get more reputated. He is unusually tall for his age, making him look very intimidating to anyone. However, once you get to know him, you'll understand that he's not that terrifying at all. Any grown up, veteran hunter will not get fooled by his height, though they will be careful. His height gives him an advantage in terms of strength (who knows how tall he'll be later), but experienced predators will have equal or more strength than him. He is somewhat wise and cunning, and knows the basic concepts of survival. Hunters know of him, and they also know that they should not go easy on him. Even if you're superior to him in every possible physical way, his intelligence and wits are capable of countering any creature. Well, unless it's Godzilla or something. A good strategy is an effective strategy. Sion tends to not attack humans that don't attack him, because he respects humans, for being more intelligent and less violent than xenomorphs. He can ally himself with any friendly human. The allied humans should see this as a great opportunity, for having an allied predator has more to it than meets the eye.

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"Wherever there is hate, there is war. Wherever there is war, there is me."