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Can u guys help with question

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About me:I'm acool AVP fan and i just want to say Predators Rule,but not that the Aliens aren't cool
I just love the Technology and their way of Hunting rituals i think its fascinating.I too love the Survival skills of the alien like in Alien 3 all alone and taking the guys out,but yet again they were not armed so i dont know?But I've just like this is the far best AVP website ever and i'm glad to be on here.

Sincerly,Israel Olivas

about my Pred: AncientHunter-paya(God,conquering warrior)

weighting at a whopping 350 pounds with the shape and desighned mask from pred1 really muscular and long beautiful dreadlocks, his family crest engraved on his armor like this ^-^ . Going around
the universe searching evry planet worthy enough prey to hunt and get new trophies of my trophy room with 1-kainde amedha queen 40-kainde amedha 18-soft meats.How by the choice of weapons and tactical movements here are my weapons and ect.
(Helmet and chest armor acid proof armor)2Writsblades(acid proof),comitstick(Acidproof),2shurikens,Smart Disc(acid proof),speargun,plasmacaster, netgun,cermonial dagger,and 2elder daggers(acidproof,and there from Pred2)
4-visual modes,medicomp,BodyMesh,Loop control(Voice Recorder and Translator),Helmet,
Self-destruct Device