What fascinates you about the Xenomorphs?

Mebber, Human, 11 years ago

The Xenomorph is undoubtly one of the most impressive and successful movie monsters so far, it's gaining new fans, attention and related products even thirty years after it's debut. So what is it that makes it so awesome and appealing to a wide fanbase?
Like to hear your thoughts about that - especially about what's fascinating you personally about them the most.

-Bloo-, Human, 11 years ago

I think part of what attracts new fans is the fact that so many popular things, such as Halo and Dead Space, have drawn inspiration from the series, and fans of those franchises want to see what inspired their beloved games/movies. That's just my guess - it could be that all the new fans these days come from Prometheus. Not to mention AVP3, and if Colonial Marines is successful, that'll bring in more.

gamefreak33797, Human, 11 years ago

I would have to say the most interesting part about them is the life cycle. I mean, how many storied and games have such a good and suspense full cycle. I always remember watching Aliens3 and wondering if the alien would look dif if it had been born from an elephant or like a bird. Obviously now i know

badapple24, Human, 11 years ago

I have to agree the life cycle is unlike any other in the movie buisness, and is what is amazing about the fan base

krio, Human, 11 years ago

same as badapple

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

the fact that they are bassed on normal bugs.

alienxeno, Human, 11 years ago

i am kidding