The Predator- Thoughts

tawganator, Xenomorph, 4 years ago

So having just watched the latest Predator movie I'm not exactly sure how to accurately put my thoughts of it into words. And since it just came out I don't want to say anything to spoilery about it. So I guess the best way to do it is to be simple.

For the most part I enjoyed it. It did some things I've wanted to see on the big screen and a few things I didn't. The CGI was just bad in a few scenes but tolerable for the rest. It had some predictable moments that made it not feel like a Predator movie. And I did not like the ending.

A mixed bag but overall a positive experience.

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph, 4 years ago

Being a die hard predator fan boy, I did enjoy parts of the movie... With that said I thought a lot of it was trash/lazy directing and left the theater disappointed. The ending was the worst for me. I'll wait before I dive into the gory details. I dont want to ruin anything for anybody, the film will ruin it better than I ever could anyways.