Spam be real..

Peterson, Human, 1 month ago

Yeah We still cant delete all the spam so its here.

ancient_drone_of, Human, 4 weeks ago

i could be deleting spam, but my account is gone, i have no idea what happened to it

ancient_drone_of, Human, 4 weeks ago

I mean it's not gone, it's still here but apparently it wasn't connected to the only email address I remember having at the time.

The only other email address I use is [email protected] which as you can see is named AFTER my username and clan here, so I probably didn't use that one to register.

Praetorian, Human, 3 weeks ago

Hi guys,

I remade the site but didnt see any ppl here so I stopped development.
I deleted the spam and can give you access to a backend where you can delete spam and manage things.

DeathWraith your email was [email protected], I guess the ".caom" is wrong, but the fixed version is that account you're using atm.

So the DeathWraith is now attached to [email protected], you can recover the password.

ancient_drone_of, Human, 2 weeks ago

Oh dang, thanks P. Let me do that right quick.

DeathWraith, Human, 2 weeks ago

Alright, there we is.

Peterson, Human, 3 days ago

Yeah if I can get my old head mod powers back that would be legit thanks P

DeathWraith, Human, 1 day ago

I think a big reason that people didn't stay even if they came back is that neither the front page nor the forum page updates for new posts, only new threads. There's no way to know if someone replied other than manually checking every thread.