sig challenge

Celtic_Warrior, Undefined, 16 years ago

this is pretty random, but show off you skill and make some pred, alien and marine sigs and post them in.


Unknown, Undefined, 16 years ago

Sounds cool good idea.


celtic102, Undefined, 16 years ago

yeah kool better get out and creatin


.:The Youngest Mod
.:Graphic Carnage:.

kill_the_queen, Undefined, 16 years ago

i would if i knew i how to use photo shop pro i cant make good sig coz i dont know how to blend lol.

AADecon.jpg decon demon of death wants your head.

davii008, Undefined, 16 years ago

lol i know how to use it but, do you have to buy it or download it from somehwere?? and where can i get it?


daveberg, Undefined, 16 years ago

davi - pleas check the code in your signature box, something in the html is causing your sigs to disfigure the layout of the forum.

the only text you should have in your signature code box is the following:

&ltimg src="yourpicturesaddresshere"


darkness of acheron

Nick_Kang_20, Undefined, 16 years ago


No one mentioned a size limit so i'm using my latest alien one (If I am supposed to follow the sig size limit just tell me)

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