predalien reproduction

tropic, Undefined, 14 years ago

ok i looked and saw no thread about this,soooooooo,what are your thoughts about the way its done?

K1LLA_4_H1RE, Undefined, 14 years ago

i hate it although i like the idea of a sinister dark rape kinda idea i really thik they could of done better then french kissing its victums.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 14 years ago

I don`t think it was the idea of a rape, well at least it`s not as much a rape as the facehugger raping someone`s face. But some great anime would come out of that idea!

Anyway, i hate it too, i don`t like the AvP franchise adding new features to the biological developement of the aliens. Just like i don`t mind the suriken, but i liked the disc more, and i don`t really find the whip all that great. I mean it`s a whip, the second most primitive weapon of all, what`s next, hi-tech throwing-rocks? Yea, back to the predalien, i don`t like this thing with it being a queen and reproducing differently, there was no suprefacehugger in AvP and this just should not be happening. In my wiev they really screwed up the whole predalien thing, at least the rest of the movie still looks good.

predator428, Undefined, 14 years ago

There are alot of holes in the lifecycle because of this but hopefuly they will be explained with the movie comes out. This situation is very delicate, unless they pull it off perfectly it will suck.