Old RPG Ideas

Deathdrop, Yautja, 4 years ago

I dunno what this thread is gonna be; I'm gonna use it as a dumping ground for all my old RPG ideas that either weren't used or that we didn't have room for/didn't finish/never got to. If you have any ideas, I guess feel free to leave them here; might make for an interesting repository.


One idea I had that never got implemented was to have a Predator clan (this would be one of those where everyone playing a Pred would be on the same team) lead by me and the other Predator-playing mods. Storyline-wise, we'd be the elders, and everyone else would be the Youngbloods on their first serious Xeno hunt. There would be some sort of booby-trapped temple thingie on a planet (think the pyramid from AVP crossed with the derelict) that the hive would be in.

This was at time when there were a lot of newbies, so I figured it would make sense for their first RPG to be a trial by fire sort of situation. Naturally, the Elders (Me, Stalker, PV2, etc.) lead the charge inside the pyramid. We do our usual badass thang, but moreso than usual. Almost Mary Sue levels of badass...

... And then we all die. Not more than two pages in, every single elder gets massacred at once in a Red Wedding-style shock scene (laser trap, maybe, or black goo from Prometheus - something that would be hard to see coming), leaving the rest of the clan to battle an entire Xeno hive on their own AND deal with all the traps and such.

The idea was to throw people off by doing something completely unexpected. I thought this would be a cool way to introduce the newer members' RP characters; "Survivor of the Gorlaack Massacre" would make for a cool shorthand for "I've seen some shit, man!"

It would also make them feel like their characters are super cool by having them survive (hopefully) this epic killoff.

The only problem I can see is how Predator-centric it was; there's not much for Xeno or human players to do. One way to remedy this might be to have the humans be the ones who took over the temple (reversing the usual trend by putting the monsters on the defensive and having the humans be the hunters) and the Xenos to have no Queen, leading to a possible hive civil war when two different queens are created.

Ultimately, it seemed too difficult to implement, so I never seriously suggested it.

Voltage-3000, Yautja, 4 years ago

I wanted one where we all died. no one won. we all had to write off our own deaths in an rpg that wasn't meant to be anything but just the end. Since this sites been going for years an end game rpg probably far off. but its still a fun thought