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Good to see ya again Ghola, how's life treating ya m8? & to keep on topic, yes, there is a difference between the first & second pred's masks. The first mask was very similar to scar's mask from AVP, with all the standard features, & a removable tri-beam laser sight. Pred 2's mask on the other hand was more elongated, with a flatter jaw-piece & a wider eyepiece, also the laser sight was inbuilt into the mask, & was mounted on the left-hand side of the predator's mask, rather than the right, the secong mask also had a much more bronze colouring to it.

Predator: (sorry, I couldn't find a better pic at the time)

Predator 2:


Unknown, Undefined, 16 years ago

On the subject of Scars head being bigger, it wasnt, but, he had what the film crew liked to call "Romantic Dreadlocks". Which were just heavier than regulare, meaning they had more swing. So maby the dreads made his head looked bigger to some. I personally like City Hunter's equiment, mask, skin and weapons more than Jungle Hunter's stuff.

ghola88, Undefined, 16 years ago

hey stalker! But when scar took of his mask i noticed the head looked bigger. maybe you cant notice with his mask on?

Unknown, Undefined, 16 years ago

In every single pred movie, the head changes. A easy explination for this is different clans, different preferred heats on planets.

Kaizen, Undefined, 16 years ago

Yeah Drenton is right

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Revelations unkind
Abject denial of the flesh I feel
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cutm3up, Undefined, 16 years ago

i saw avp first and i thought the masks were awesome,

in pred 1 the mask reminded me of a silent, invincible female (dont ask why) hunter going for an unexpected hunt

pred 2 mask was too human like
i was disappointed


navyspaz, Undefined, 16 years ago

Are you kidding? Pred2 had the freakin best mask,

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cutm3up, Undefined, 16 years ago

no way, it was too human like, but predator 1 had such a female hunter look and i dont know why...

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