Interwiew with Preatorian FOR PREATORIAN the webmaster of this page if you are somewhere please read :)

ragnarok521, Yautja, 11 years ago

Hi Preatorian , Im Ragnarok , you will think what am I talking about , but well beacuse you are the webmaster and highest level user in AVP universe id like To know how much time are you here and how this page has evolutionated , and which experience did you have in hear and how did you become webmaster... Well someone who has done so much must have something to tell , dont you think ? Jejeje

Thanks :)

Praetorian, Yautja, 4 years ago

Hi Ragnarok.

I started this site as side project to help me learn programming in PHP.
The domain (at the time was registered in 2004-01-16, so I consider that the day this site was born, 16 years ago.

I loved the Alien universe and since Alien vs Predator movie was just going to be released I thought it would be a nice theme for the site.

The extra bucks from some ads I placed here were also a nice incentive.

But the father of the community was Daveberg. At the time I created a simple forum but was Daveberg (and later other members that I wont name since I would be bound to miss some) that posted most of the content on the forum and built the community, RPG, Clans and such.

I'm only the programmer here :).

I also have a lot of other projects, so this site has ever since been neglected. But with the current developments on my career I now have the autonomy and tools to give a new life to this site.

Thank you for the interest.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

Interesting idea and thanks for sharing, P.