hey i have gimp now

kill_the_queen, Undefined, 16 years ago

hey i have got gimp but i dont know how to use it can some one help me please lol.


daveberg, Undefined, 16 years ago

Gimp is a graphics manipulation software package for people who are interested in making digital images such as the signature pictures you see most members on here possess.

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davii008, Undefined, 16 years ago

erm....what is gimp and what does it do and how would i get it if i didnt have it already?

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Nick_Kang_20, Undefined, 16 years ago

Pixel2Life has some gimp tutorials go check them out some of them are sig tutorials


Nick_Kang_20, Undefined, 16 years ago

Yup there is only one sig tutorial detailed and straight-forward though it was on the first page of the gimp tutorials last I checked


celtic102, Undefined, 16 years ago

ok firstly go to file then new, pick ur size and now u have a background of a sig... Now i cant remember what things Gimp has but if u are a new person to it. go to filter render Clouds..... I think it has render.... Anyway now u have clouds background. Uhhhhh Katam help me ut here u used it more than me


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daveberg, Undefined, 16 years ago