Fan Art

predator428, Yautja, 14 years ago

I'm not trying to copy Titanosaur, I just wanted there to be a topic for everyone's drawings and such. Here are a few of my pred pics from awhile back, remember this is open to everyone's art.

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 14 years ago

They are good, thanks for posting them, and thanks again for posting the links to them and not warping out the topic lol.

_Donut, Yautja, 14 years ago

Ah... Might as well post up some of my own art. :]
These I did awhile ago:

By the way, nice sketches Predator428. :D

Venom, Yautja, 14 years ago

WHOO!! DONUTS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(lol i made a new account too, its The Giger Drone or of you cant rememebr him it was Thee Pred Alien)

_Donut, Yautja, 14 years ago

B'daw, of course I remember you dear. <3 Thanks for the welcome. :3