Best of the best

Sasha, Undefined, 18 years ago

OK favorite movie, comic, and game and character

favorite comic Aliens Earth War or book 1
Concret jungle no doubt
Scar face from concret jungle hes f*cking one of the most hard core preds out there.

Honor and glory

xeno_slayer, Undefined, 18 years ago

movie: they all rock!!!
comic: BAD BLOOD!!! ALL THE WAY!!!
game: predator concrete jungle
chracter: origonal predator!


donut, Undefined, 18 years ago

my favorite movie was aliens, i dont read any of those comics, my favorite game was either avp1 or avp2 on the pc, my favorite character is vasquez.

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bug-hunt, Undefined, 18 years ago

Movie, Aliens
Comic, well would have to be a book and that would be,,,,, female war
game, cough cough, humm well none of them may be Alien vs predator for the pc, never played any of them really,


the_doctor, Undefined, 18 years ago

movie: predator
comic: Predator: cold war and alien vs. predator
game: Avp2
chracter: the original predator

are you predator or prey?