AvP movie idea. AvP: Survival.

Ultimate Savage, Human, 4 years ago

AVP: Survivor

In the unknown regions of space. Over thousands of years, the Yautja Predators and the Xenomorph Aliens have crossed paths many times.
This is "one" of those times.

A Yautja ship is taken over by Bad Blood Yautja prisoners and reprogram the ship to head for their nearest beacon, which leads to what looks to be a dead planet.
The last surviving Yautja, the crew leader, sends a distress signal before escaping the ship in a pod as the ship is on a crash course after being badly damaged from within.
After crashing in a damaged pod and almost collaping due to injuries, the Yautja realises the planet is not as dead as suspected.
The deadly Xenomorph plague the planet and have been awakened from the crashed ship.

With limited and damage tech, the lone Yautja now has to travel miles of dangerous terrain to get to his crashed ship and pick-up point, with swams of Xenomorph at almost every turn.

Gaunt, Human, 3 years ago

Interesting idea. You could play it out like Riddick, with the Yautja having a good 1/4 - 1/2 of the film survining on its own terms. Human intervention wouldn't be too required for this plot, unless it were to propergate more Xenos.