Avp game

supersonicman96, Yautja, 6 years ago

So few of you might not know this, but I'm in college for game design and I've been thinking, If I ever get a chance to make a avp game, what would you all recommend?

FireHunter, Yautja, 6 years ago

Something with atmosphere, build-up and tension before the shit really hits the fan.

supersonicman96, Yautja, 6 years ago

do you think I should focus exclusively on the marines instead of allowing you to be an alien or predator?

-Bloo-, Yautja, 6 years ago

A new Predator game would be nice

Some 3rd-person thing where you start off as a Youngblood who spends the entire 20th century carrying out different hunts during each of the major wars around the globe. It'd open-world with a fixed story and ending but no real linear path or objectives, unless you're doing story-related missions, which would force you into the next time period.

Character customization goes beyond different armor types--you can choose between any type of Predator introduced in any Predator media and you have the full support of your clan. Maybe you can temporarily recruit some of your clanmates to go on larger hunts with you, but they can die permanently if you're being careless. Maybe you can even recruit some humans or dogs or something, I don't know.