Aliens vs. Predator 2: "Payback Time" mod.

Firkax, Undefined, 6 years ago

Allow me to introduce to you a brand new mod for AVP2 - Payback Time. This mod is a complete difference from original AVP2. New, canonical sound effects from original films, new visual and new balance and much, MUCH more!)

Fights between each side become more challenging. There is no nade-spamming or bunny-hopping. There are 9 (!) human classes and 5 alien classes.

Each human class (yes, WY and USCM are now united to confront their common enemies) has it's own weaponry and accessories, thus offering you completely different gameplay. Some of the classes are good at assaulting enemies' positions, and the others will support them in any way necessary.

For the aliens... there are 5 classes. Each of them does not differ in scheme "health-strength-speed", but offer it's own unique gameplay for they now have extra-abilities. It is better to see it yourself.))

Predators still in progress, but they will be there soon, so no worries.

Experience your skill in "Payback Time". You will never find anything like this.) So don't waste too much time, couse "it's gonna be close".)

There it is:

Just extract archive into Aliens vs Predator 2 folder.

For proper working you should have full UMP2 installed.

Execute PaybackPlay.bat, click Yes in message box (Launch the game using command line settings).

Also you can run mod in windowed mode or/and without anisotropic filtering:

PaybackPlay_nofiltering.bat - fullscreen mode, no anisotropic filtering

PaybackPlay_windowed.bat - windowed mode, anisotropic filtering enabled

PaybackPlay_windowed_nofiltering.bat - windowed mode, no anisotropic filtering

Please, note!
This mod is on open BETA-test stage, so few troubles may occur. Also a huge patch on it's way, which will add more content and bugfixes.)

Have fun! ^_^

And here comes teh screenies:

x-M-x, Undefined, 6 years ago

Direct Download Link here