Alien vs predator extinction 2

The-hunter, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Who thinks that EA should make a alien vs predator extinction 2 any extincion comments exepted

Stalker, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I'm not a fan of RTS games, & I personally think that half of the ideas that they came up with for the first Extinction were terrible. I would much prefer another AVP first-person shooter.

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

^ Agreed.

First Person Shooters just replicate the mood and atmosphere of the movies far better. Strategy games, in my opinion, do not capture the sole essence of the franchise. Walking through the dark with nothing but a shoulder lamp and a hand full of rounds with Xeno's lurking about every corner and going down all guns blazing is far more intense than selecting a group of marines and clicking on an enemy to attack.

Hunter_Predator, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I agree as well, but you can't argue that AvP: Extinction WAS a good game, if a bit difficult a/o repetative. But yes, I agree a first-person shooter captures the Alien and Predator feeling very well, and a lot better than RTS, however I wouldn't mind either, both ways are fine by me because they both are fun and make good AvP games, and good games in general.

The-hunter, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Good points. Still it would be nice to see a new AVP RTS game. It would be so cool if they made a cross over an RTS,FBS combined that would be cool thanx for the comments.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I liked AvP Extinction actualy. I like it cuz its just plain fun. I also have a bit of an adiction to it at the moment. although I do prefer an FPS AvP Game, but if they do make another game like Extinction I hope they would make it for PC. RTS games on Xbox or PS systems are rather odd for me.

although Canon wise the game does have alot of stupid stuff on the game. for one the fact that drones comming from Oswaks is completely stupid. both Drones and Warriors come from human hosts. the K-Series Aliens didn't bother me. and to tell the truth the Predalien-Queen didn't bother me either. mainly because the fact that they are human engineered. so that I let slip by.

I don't like Sniper Predators. thats the truth. I don't like them. they always stay cloaked when shooting at you so you always have to have a Praetorian or a Hive Node near the area just to attack them. (Synthetics for marines) and I can't stand the Synthetics. they get some what annoying when they attack your drones.

anywho, if they make another game its cool by me. as long as they release it for PC. or maybe even PSP.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I don't of any good FPS/RTS crosses, but I know some great FPS/RPG games. And they're all Final Fantasy, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, the only way I'd want another game with extinction in its title is if it has 'AVP3' in front of it.

superxinyang, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

i myself like stralegy games more,but those kind of games i also dont mind

Prominentprime, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

I want AVP Extinction 2 count me in