Blade_Hunter, Undefined, 17 years ago

I really think Kong could win without much difficulty. Sure the Queen would probably pound his @$$ good. (I don't mean that in a perverted sense) But in the remake we see Kong's got some serious reflexes. Examples: When he knocked the plane out of the air with that awesome jump on the Empire State Building. And the T - Rex fight is another great example. Of course even if Kong were to take the Queen's tail out of the fight she's still got those extra arms and second mouth. I still go Kong. Happy Monkey beat symbols/Queen's head :)

Nick_Kang_20, Undefined, 17 years ago

Now, now hyro where do you get the impression that xenos are dumb?

To be honest the queen would win I mean kong took a long time to kill a single rex and also even if he rips off her tail the acid from a queen is too much for an overgrown ape with hardly any special stuff.


AJ4LIFE, Undefined, 17 years ago

kong is champ of all..apart from GODZILLA