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2005-07-30 22:50:19
I'm here to ask people to post thier stories about thier character. just want to see how you came to be. HIT ME BACK. Here is mine:

My Story: Deep in the hot forests of Yautja me and one of my clan members just finish setting up camp. Black Razor was his name, and he was a bit unstable. The back to back hunts were putting me in top condition, while for Black Razor it just ate at his mind. He had constant headaches and it inraged him. But i learned to just ignore it at this point. I sit my back to a rock, holding my scaraficial dagger in my right hand as i stare at the shimmering blade. i wipe sweat off my forhead and look to my right. There was no movement, it was as calm as a graveyard. No sounds, nothing moved. The day was going to be bright, or so i thought. Without a sound something hit me in the face and knocked my mask off. I rolled over to see what hit me. It was none other then Black Razor. His wrist blades extended to their full length. I jumped to my feet and took out my combistick. Razor attacked swiping at my head. I couldn't block them all. With one fast swipe, my face was bleeding and i was on my knees. Black Razor had gone insane, he was now a murderer and i was his first target. I stood up and fought back with my combistick. Thrashing and stabbing at him, i hit him in the left shoulder. He dropped to the ground and tripped me. My right eye slammed into my shuriken
and cut it out. I pulled myself together and stood up. I ripped the shuriken out of my eye leaving a hollow hole where the eye should have been. Razor jumped in the air. I threw my combistick hoping for a hit. It penetrated right through the chest plate of Black Razor. He dropped to the floor and twitched. My wrist blades extended to their full length. I bent down on one knee and looked into the eyes of Black Razor. My face was reflected in the eyes of the mask as i stabbed him in the chest and pulled out his rib cage. Then i was arrested. My case didn't go so well. I was known for using rage and anger during my hunts. So i was accused of of murder. But not all the facts were straight. So my clan leader decided to only banish me from the clan, and not the planet itself. and he took all my ranking away. I needed more plasma for my caster and was planning on attacking a small camp of Yautja when i was stopped.
"What are you doing?" This female Yautja asked me.
"I need ammunition."
"Are you going to attack that camp?"
"Well you shouldn't."
"Dare i ask why?"
"That's my clan...where is yours?"
"I was banished from it."
"Oh, why didn't they take your weapons or armor?"
"They didn't have enough proof to prove me completely guilty, but i have been known to make trouble."
"If you need a clan i can help you with that."
"You sure?" My face lit up a bit in hearing this news.
"Yeah i'll talk to the leader, i'll put in a good word." She took off her helmet.
"I am most greatful." I said removing my mask as well, revealing my empty, eye socket, and the two marks where Black Razors blades had cut me.

Now I'm in a clan and still have all my old weapons, but i'm still, now, a unblood.

2005-07-31 00:09:54
Here's mine: Life for me started as an egg waited for something or someone to pass by. For decades i waited then finally i sense life close by. Then all of the sudden something slams on top of me its clear then the bottom closes im trapped in a clear container. I see a small guy struggling with the weight of me. I wait the ride out for a slip up then. Finally the guy trip on a branch drops the container with me inside the container malfunctions and the top opens. I make the top of my egg open just as he gets up he comes to put me back in the container. Since i opened my top when he turns me right side up i shoot out at him at full speed. I latch my self on to him for a small guy he put up a hell of a fight still standing with me attached tring to pull me off. After what had to be at least 3 minutes he colapppsed. Now finally i cant gestate, i wake up on the rib cage and i hear the guy talking to himself and the weird part is hes calm. All i cant make out was "oh well least i wont have to live with heartburn any more". That made me just get ed off at the guy of his optimism. So i just made the pain much worse i went very slow to burst out. 5 minutes later last layer of ribs i burst out its different than expected im in the friggin middle of a sulfur field. My jaw drops i can see my hive but it's at least 50 meters away. So i was vulnerable as hell and im in a sulfur field to make up for vulnerability i stick close to the pits. I can see my worlds variation of vultures i made it this far i aint going to die yet. Snaking my way to the a sulfur pit erupts and some splashes on me and brands me with the humans letters that look like this ACE( just more gritty looking) Burnt and losing blood, but not dead finally at the hive and can finally molt. Now a fully grown alien the burn was too deep to heal in the shedding now that is what my fellow aliens know who i am and how i made it back to the hive as a chestburster with this marking. After my queen was killed in a pred hunt i left and soon met up with a battle ravenged alien whoose name was angus. He said his hive was rich with life, and he has heard of my story making back to the hive and he would like me to join to add much more force to the SHADOW SERPENTS.

2005-07-31 06:51:22
When I was a facehugger I notaced something was'nt right.My hive was destroyed.Just hours before I hatched humans came and destoyed my home.I crawled out and noteced a strey dog.I facehugged it instantly.When I emerged I sed my head on a rib creating a white scar on my head.When I looked down I saw that I had legs,4 legs!I grew up in the desert killin humans that I saw.Then one day I notaced an alien named Angus.I followed him to his hive and became a Shadow Serpent.

Goodbye pinkie toe...YOU SHALL BE AVENGED
2005-07-31 07:20:56
I like these stories keep them coming.

2005-07-31 10:42:38
my story:my life started as and egg in a new smaller hive.When i emerged from my egg i saw a dog like creature infront of me so i used it as a host.I emerged a runner and i was happy to be im this hive.Well on my first hunt for food and hosts for my hive we found a hurd or kuarn,a dog like animal with tusks and a bad attitude.When my 3 brothers and i came back to the hive with our findings our hive was distroyed ,it had been blown up some brothers were older so they went first ,and they were ripped apart by a blue light.Thats when i saw him a tall musculer thing with wepons and a bag full of skulls.when he saw me he laughed but when he came at me my instincs kicked in and i doged him and ripped his head off.So after i left my destroyed hive i meat angus and told him my stoy about me being the last of me hive.Angus took me in as a brother and i have never been happier
thats my story

2005-07-31 14:59:44
A few years back, I was chewing my way through my host, a young unblooded Yautja who thought he and his comrades could escape from a massive hive structure with a few of my brothers' skulls. When I got free, I saw, sensed, whatever the most amazing....and horrific sight I've ever seen in my life. My host's clan members were killing aliens fast. While my bretheren managed to take a few of the Yautja down, the Predators just kept on firing they're plasma casters. They killed even the unborn; eggs that weren't open, hosts that were cocooned. I knew I was lucky to be alive. Chestbursters were running around screaming as the preds chased them down and slashed them with long gothic blades. There were only around ten adult warriors fighting, the others, who were sadly less in number, were guarding our beloved mother. She screamed as each xeno was murdered one by one. I was looking at her desperately laying eggs when a shadow came over me. I looked up to a seven foot high predator. He looked down upon me and cocked his head to the side. He then made a sound I will never forget. That eerie clicking.... I knew I would die. But as his ceremonial dagger raised high in the air, green flourescent blood sprayed in my face. One of my brothers had impaled the one who preyed upon me. The Alien hissed at me and shook his head to the side. He was telling me to run away. So I did. Darting under predators' legs, I came to a space in the wall only a creature of my size could fit through. I turned my head around to discover my savior's head being chopped off by a Predator with a dragon-like faceplate. With a hiss of disgust, I slithered through the hole. I must've gone through several tunnelways in a span of a few hours. The time however, felt like days. I emerged right outside the hive entrance and waited in the shadow. Over the night, I evolved into a fully fledged Predalien. As I shed my last piece of skin painfully, three surviving predators emerged. One of them was my savior's killer. They were each carrying a bag of alien skulls, and the one with the dragon mask had the Queen's head in his other arm. I was immediately filled with rage. I leapt out of the shadows and sent all three warriors reeling to the ground with my tail. I heard their ribs crack. I used my hands to rip off the head of the one to the left of Dragon Mask, and I slammed my second jaw through the one on the right's thick skull. Three dots appeared on my head, but I knocked Dragon Masks's caster off his shouler. I pinned the Predator down with my knees, one on each of his arms and his torso. My serpentine tail coiled around his legs, and I held his head with my hands. I was going to avenge my savior along with my mother and her offspring. But when I was two inches away from his head, I heard a loud noise. My head went up to find the hive rumbling. The Yautja had activated their destruct system before they emerged. Thoughts were racing through my mind as I desperately tried to do something. It dawned on me. A way to get my revenge and escape, unscathed. I THREW Dragon Mask into the hive entrance with all of my might and bolted across the barren planet's surface. Behind me, Dragon Mask looked up to see flames and rock rush toward his face. The hive blew up with rocks weighing over a ton being thrown in my direction. They seemed to follow me, for they always landed where I had previously stepped. There was a cliff ahead of me with a rushing river in its valley. I did the only thing I could do. I jumped hundreds of feet down into the water, rocks falling behind me. I blacked out. When I woke up, I was buried by stone. I used all of my strength to push through it and swim to the bank. Once there, I set off on a journey to find a new hive and kill as many Yautja as I could. I found a hive after many grueling solo days. Only one xeno seemed to welcome me, he was called Drone -Warrior. After a while, I gained all of their trusts, even the trust of the almighty alpha alien.
2005-07-31 15:31:16
Countless years have passed since the initial rise of Its being.

Eons ago, the first of the xenomorph kind began it's grueling task of producing it's offspring. The Dna structure passed down into the first ever egg laid by the queen of queens carried on though generations of the alien species, Producing powerfull, terrifying warrior Aliens, born as kings of their brood, dominating the pack and leading them to slaughter all that stood in their way.

Known by most as the 'Alpha aliens' These fear inducing creatures have terrorised the galaxy for centuries, With only one Alien in Thousands that had the Gene passed down to them, The mighty beast leading the HIVE known as Daveberg has been raping the galaxies of life for many years. With bloodsoaked talons outstretched, inner jaw flowing with the reminants of fresh flesh, Daveberg, the Alpha alien, leads his ebony monsters in their single minded rampage to kill all......
darkness of acheron
2005-07-31 21:54:26
Lets keep them coming. ask your friends to post.

2005-08-01 13:43:35
Once I was a human. Until they gave me the power and reason to be something better.

Years ago I lived normal and insignificant life of a woman. But one night changed it all. They came and captured me. Still I don’t know the exact reason why - but it was the turning point I’ve waited for all of my life.

They tested me. I had to prove I’m worthy. Through the pain, hate and suffering I managed to complete the tasks they gave. I got a teacher - who’s my crime partner as well. I called him Master. But his real name was Lucifer, the bringer of light. He was rare bloodline, a son great ancient leader. Despite his young age he had already went through hell and got to know with the ruthless laws of life and mankind.

Still I was weak. I wanted to be more than I ever could be as a human. And I had the possibility to change. I’ve never felt the pain what I felt during the tests and experiments. And I literally died. My heart stopped beating. But I was reborn. The first breath hurt like hell.

I learnt to know my new abilities. It felt strange to see the heat and hear odd voices inside the head - and the strength to lift and throw things like they were nothing. I felt like I was a young goddess - strong, wild and independent. And I had a reason to live and die - and the reason was older than mankind itself.

And I was send to kill my kind. I hunted trophies with my Master. At last I felt being alive. We were invincible - or at least I thought so. Until the reality hit back hard.

New experiments organized by humans. And because of me Master had been caught again. I saw how his life faded away bit by bit. Only that they would have got something out of me.

One night I gathered all my strength and I managed to break loose. I found Master but he was already dieing. I hold his hand when he was crossing the line. Everything was total chaos. Running and shouting from the corridors. I knew I had to escape. But nothing mattered as far as I could be with my teacher. Still his last words is echoing in my head “… For Honor…”. And his life faded away.

I don’t know how long I stood there. I felt how his hand got colder. My anger rose as I heard the footsteps and sounds closer. I swore by my Master’s body I’d kill everyone who comes into my way without mercy. I took my weapons, switch on self-destruction device and said good bye for the last time. And I clear my way out.

From that day I couldn’t get back to my clan. I had caused my teacher’s death. They would have accepted me in but I couldn’t forgive myself. I started my way of revenge. For years I search and slaughtered every one who had been mixed in our capture - and loads of others. My hatred grew bigger every day. Until I realized that this wasn’t what I want. This wasn’t what Master would have been wanted. The Honor… The word just stroke into my consciousness and I realized it’s meaning completely.

Then I had a chance to join a clan.

2005-08-01 17:15:58
Hey this might story might seem stupid but read it first

There i was... in the middle of a war....
My spear ready in my hand, i was running to any where... but there.... and my life flashed before me...

And i thought of nothing else... and before i knew it, i huge swarm if Xenomorphs ambushed me and i was trapped in the middle, fighting my way out with my Combi-Stick and i finally broke free of them and started running to the top, to my clan brothers. There we all were, all of my clan protecting our ship from the Xenomorphs. We died one bye one, until it was me, 2 other clan brothers, and our leader, and Elder. We all fought to the death, protecting our ship.

When all were defeated, and only me, and the Elder were left, I raised my arm up, holding my Combi-stick, which was holding a Xenomorph head. I roared with triumph, and before i knew it, my leader was tossed in the Air onto the ground beneath me, and then i heard a screech that was familiar to me...

There, i turned my head, and i saw A PredQueen ready with her tail right above my leaders body. I Leaped as fast i could,, stabbed her second jaw, shot her tail with my Plasma Caster, and I pulled my leader up to the ship where waited and looked for the Queen Xenomorph..

I Was still looking around, and then it pushed me to the side and I lyed there, helpless with only my spear equiped, as i watched her push the ship trying to destroy it... then i remembered the Elder inside.. and I stood up with the last of my strentgh, jumped as fast as i could, and killed the Xenomorph with a last attempt, and i got in my ship and returned to my home planet, to return to hunting later.. and there in my trophie rack.. was the Skull of the legendary Pred Queen Xenomorph...

Mean While, On that Distant Planet, in the Alien Hive... burst a Hybrid out of a Yautja.....

Xenomorph= Alien Yautja= Predator
I just wanted to do that :)

2005-08-01 17:34:43
Great stories let's here more

2005-08-02 00:33:03
That was only the beggining... unfortunateley i didnt think i would have to face creatures such as them.. i didnt. yet.
Then, i remembered....
The Pred Alien.. i never faced anything like it in my life.. except..
I then had a Flash Back of my last Encounter with... a PredQueen... 100 years ago, i came back to reality, realizing that i was dreaming and i have been captured.
I looked around and saw scientists around me, and i was weakened, my weapons in the other room, my Bio-Helmet being studied in the corner.
I broke free, retrieving my weapons and helmet, and started looking for a way out of the torture labs. I was confused. I looked around and i saw resin around.. it looked very familiar.
I kept on and finally i found a tunnel, leading to a light, so i followed it. When i got down from it, i heard noises, so i activated my cloak. i jumped to the top and looked around the room for anything that would be a threat to me. then i heard human voices, and i heard them talking about my clan brothers.

I then thought about it, and i knew they were here too, so i had to go back and recue them. They were unbloods, and i was supervising them in their... then i remembered the resin...
I didnt remember anything, but them and the ritual. I knew there were Xenomorph around, but in the condition they were in, they couldnt fight. I got them a medicomp to heal them and their energy back packs.

We activated our cloaks, and moved on. There in the main room, we saw the Alien Queen, but it didnt see us.. i forgot about our cloaks..
so we moved on and found the room i was in and retrieved their weapons. Now the only thing to do was go down and find the hidden Plasma Casters. On our way, we heard a noise and looked around. All of a sudden, Celtic was knocked down by a Praetorian. One Other Predator, activated his Shuriken and blew off the monster's Head.

The male was attracted to me, as it was acting... different then usual.
We started talking about plans, and here is our conversation
Celtic:"What are we going to do?"
Chopper:"I dont know maybe we should go through that hole?"
Me:"No, we were just through there maybe we can find a way out follow that Drone"
Celtic:" What? and risk being torn apart in an ambush?"
Me: "Hey its better than waiting for another Praetorian to ambush us what would you want a Preatorian or a couple of drones?"
Chopper:"I'll go with the drones"
Celtic:"I'd rather be ambushed by something i know what is going to ambush me, not something like being brought into the hive or something surprising."
Scar(Male):"yeah you go do that"

We went on, With Celtic and his traps ready.
The Drone, with Celtic Being right, led is to the Hive.
Celtic:"You knew I was right didn't you"
Celtic:"Why the hell did we go this way then?"
Chopper:".... umm...."
Me:"I have something i wanted to do for 100 years."
Chopper:"uhh guys??"
Celtic:"What did you want to supervise us knowing you can use us for bait is that what you wanted to do??
Me:"No you dont understand hold on listen-"

Chopper than pointed to the Queen, which was looking at us.
Chopper:"I told you to be Quiet!"
Celtic:"No you didn't"
Chopper:"yes I did"
Celtic:" Yeah you did"
Chopper:"no I- wait just shut up she's looking at us and-"
Scar:"Shut Up Both of you!"
Me:"Look infront of you."

Celtic looked, and then the Queen Almost knocked his head from his body.
We all then ran and jumped to the highest ledge.
Celtic aimed for the Queen's Head. Suddenly, a Battle Xenomorph Grabbed him and threw him into the middle of the Hive.

Chopper:"we have to go and save him!"
Scar:"There's no time we have to find a way to destroy the Queen."

Just then the Queen Knocked the stuck combistick from her head and it stabbed chopper in the left arm. Chopper then fell, and was officially killed by the Queen with her tail.

Celtic's Plasma Caster Shot the Queen in the Tail, knocking it off. Acid splattered everywhere, and the Queen roared in pain. She commanded every Xenomorph in the Hive to get the remaining Yautja, while she deals with the Celtic Warrior.
The Queen, before killing Celtic after a long battle, revealed her true face to him. she was normal... except for one thing. she had a bigger mouth on the out side of her.. resembling that of a Yautja. before his death, she roared like a Predator, and stabbed him in the head with the second jaw.

Scar and I (my name is Hunter) talked about how to make it out of there, and i found out she was atracted to me, for saving her life earlier. We went to destroy the Hive, with me setting off my self destruct device, and making it out safely.

I thought it was over, but here is the part of my story... when i encounter.. it again...

Outside the Colony, we looked at each other, and remembered the Alien she succesfully killed, so I marked her Bio-Mask and head. She was then an adult young blood, and I started to like her.. then out of no where, those.. things.. it.. appeared and roared oer after seeing its home being setroyed, and being the only one left of its kind on that planet.

Scar Stabbed it in the head, and i threw my Shurikin at its arm. amazingly, it grew back, and the spikes on its back grew instantly.
We tried cutting of its head, but it grew back.
This was no ordinary Predalien. This was a Newly discovered Hybrid. Made in the torture labs, born live by the Queen. No eggs. no Face Huggers. it was the NewBorn.
I quickly stabbed its head with my wrist Blades, and shoved it into the lava pit. a few seconds later, it leaped out, with its head gone and its leg gones as well, but the didnt grow back. I soon realized only my Plasma caster could kill it.

Scar gave me her cannon, and after a long fight, I proudly held its skull in my hand.
We looked at each other again, and left to our home world with my dead Clan brother's Ship.

Soon, again i would return.. someday

"My Mother used to say.. that there were no such things as Monsters....She was Wrong.."
-Ripley*Alien Resurrection*
2005-08-02 00:50:50
Yeah these stories are great, lets get some more

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