is there any way?

killswitch, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Do you guys think there is any way an avp, alien or predator sequel could actually achieve critical (not commercial) success today?

i know this questions been asked so many times, but if your answers yes, what would you do to go about making a successful movie?

as far as im concerned the answer is no, science fiction is dead and for a bloody good reason, you could have david fincher directing and Ridley SCott and james cameron producing and the movie would still suck


Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Never say never, but it seems like AvP is finished. As for other sci-fi, just about everything has been done. The next place sci-fi in general could go would be some sort of posthuman deal, but A/P are dead as "new" concepts.

Sci-fi can be held over for now with the Superhero movies, but they'll overstay their welcome eventually. Something new (or something old in a new way) is what's needed (and lacking) in current sci-fi.
As much as I enjoyed Cloverfield and Star Trek, they were basically retreads.

Cameron's "Avatar" seems like it might be an original take on the whole alien planet idea, though, so we'll see.