Cliff Hanger

predator428, Yautja, 12 years ago

A while ago it was said that AVPR will have a solid ending and a cliff hanger. Try and think of cliff hangers you would like to see.

I think that there should be some remains of the predalien and the movie ends when the Colonel finds an alien still alive and has it captured, similar to the Concrete Jungle ending with Lucretia.

The-Wolf, Yautja, 12 years ago

This is probably very twisted but here's an idea that popped up.

After the Wolf kills the Predalien, the military jets come and begin bombing the area. The Predator picks up the Predalien's body to bring it to show his clan. As the place begins blowing up and consumed with flames, the Predator is chased by fire. Eventully his ship appears and he jumps aboard. The Predalien's body dangles off the edge of the ship and an embyreo slides out its mouth. The Predator then pulls the predalien's body abaord. He looks out the window of the planet blowing up and roars in victory. Behind him is an enormous wall of skulls on display with many aliens and the predalien.

back on earth the embyreo splats onto the rubble of the destroyed town but is unharmed. Then a chestburster Queen's face rips through it. Then hovering above is the spacejockey ship from Alien and in some way it takes the young queen and then takes off into space.

...from there you can make several different ideas for a sequel or to what will happen next.

tropic, Yautja, 12 years ago

its all gonna come clear in less than 4 weeks for you lucky u.s people.

us u.k peeps have to wait for another month .


The-Wolf, Yautja, 12 years ago

I heard you can watch new movies on When Rob Zombie's Halloween came out, my friend told me how he watched it on there.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 12 years ago

Hmmm, i would really hate to see an embryo grow outside a body, Cory, but a ship like the Derelict veeeeery slowly coming out of some white clouds far up on a blue to white sky would be a great sight. But i wouldn`t like any alien remains on Earth. If there ever is ging to be an AvP3, as i`ve said, it should happen after Alien Rez. I would like a solid ending.