Dark Blood Organization


After Xeuss killed the head of the mercenary company he had been recruited into, this new organization was born. Enemies of the Corporation, its members must resort to piracy in order to survive. The Dark Blood Organization has the advantage of including both humans and Yautja, as well as hybrids, making it easier to deceive rival groups when attempting to reach a goal.

The clan is based on a spaceship called the Melanie, having belonged to the former head of the mercenaries. The Melanie uses hybrid technology, combining both Yautja and human-made systems, thus having, for example, longer range sensors to be able to detect another ship before getting detected herself. Twice as large as the Auriga and benefiting of the artificial intelligence of the most advanced synthetics, she is an impenetrable fortress.

The clan currently has two subleaders, one human to lead the willing human teams, and one known among Yautja for being a merciless criminal. The two are supposed to be open-minded enough to keep the humans and predators in the clan from killing each other, but... meh...

The Dark Blood Organization is an enemy not only for the Corporation, but is also hunted by Yautja clans, all of it's members being either bad-bloods - the predators - or war criminals, so to speak - mostly human or half-human deserters. This new attention drawn to them has lately made it more difficult for the D-B-O to infiltrate other organizations and destroy them from the inside.

In the future, a more brutal "kill first, ask questions later" attitude should be expected from them.