The Demons of London: Bloo, FireHunter, ThePredator13, BadApple.

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

The figure stood on the roof of the Big Ben, tail wrapped around the tower as far as it could, clinging to the spire not for dear life, but for a vantage point. All the crowd below could see was a silhouette in front of the brilliant, fiery clouds of a wet dusk. It stared down upon them, appearing tiny from its perch. People pointed and murmured, they had no idea that this was no man peering down upon them, the sheer size did not occur to them, and the tail blended with the black silhouette of the tower.

The rain got heavier, thunder rumbled in the distance.

The rain didn't faze the monster on the tower as it poured down its body in sheets. A policeman held a copper tube to his mouth and yelled "Do not jump, good man, we have men entering the building as I speak to help you!"

The beast's head turned in the direction of the noise, and several people gasped in shock at the shape of its head, a woman fainted in the crowd. Suddenly, without warning, there was a scream from the bottom of the tower, and a man came tumbling backwards from the doorway.
"Everybody inside is dead! Blood covers every surface! That is no man atop the tower but a devil sent from the deepest depths of hell to watch over this bloody murder!" He screamed, and as he screamed the beast leaped from the tower, a scream rose from the crowd as the beast fell, and with it the night. The sun dipped below the horizon and everything quickly became dark. It landed with a boom and people fled as they saw the true nature of the figure, which stood tall over them as it swiped away a dozen men in a single strike. The first gunshot punctured the bedlam of screams and horses, and many followed. The pellets ricocheted off of its exoskeleton and into the crowd, by the time the horde of people was gone, corpses littered the ground. A carriage had been overturned, a dead horse lay with its entrails spilled out. The ravens circled.

The enormous black beast raised its claws to the sky and gave a mighty roar, there was a flash of lightning that revealed the carnage around it. And the world was returned to the dark, with only thunder to guide them. The beast ran across the road, smashing through a carriage and disemboweling several horses, and then it vanished into the shadows of the trees, leaving chaos in its wake. FireHunter was prowling London now, fuelled by primal rage, it had risen from the Thames only hours ago, having been carried from its place of birth by the current when it was just a chestburster emerging from the dead predator in the half-submerged drop pod that had carried it here. Now it was fully grown and disoriented, and would kill anything in its path.

Alright, some things to keep in mind here:
Guns are primitive, they are the single-fire muskets that needed to have the gunpowder poured in between shots. Although I'm sure swords were still in use at this time, though I doubt they would be much of a threat to any of us.
The Big Ben had only JUST been built, Westminster Cathedral had yet to appear, and a lot of other landmarks also have yet to appear, even the Tower Bridge. The London Bridge is there, but the old medieval bridge, not the current one.
Also keep in mind that cars have yet to be invented, it's still horse and carriage.
Even streetlights have yet to be invented, so everything is very dark for the moment. I've done my research, so let's get it on!

ThePredator13, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

The sky lit up in a ball of flame as the metal death trap of a drop pod slipped through the lower atmosphere. It made impacted in a small over hang just outside the city and then just...disappeared. The night watchman ran towards the sound as a fiery explosion would attract attention.

"Sir, are you alright...." the man called out into the flames and debris around the crash, the man probably suspected it was a gunpowder carriage that went off by accident. The flames were the only thing lighting the area as the man quietly pulled his musket from over his shoulder and checked for any dead. Nothing...not a single body, then out of the corner of his eye he saw something....a twisted hulking shadow too big to be that of a man's. Then it was gone... the man rubbed his eyes slightly. He was somewhat scared about this whole situation. In his mind only one thing came up the devil himself had come straight from hell to claim his soul. The man pulled out the cross that surrounded his neck. "Hallow be thy name, thy kingdom com.....".

The wristblade slid through the man’s chest in simple thrust. Should have prayed harder, The Predator thought to himself before reveling himself to his prize. The man's eyes went wide as he saw the demon of metal that stood before him. The Predator clicked at the man before crossing his wristblade and decapitating the man in one fell swing of his arm. The massive monster then turned and moved towards the city activating its cloak.

The Thames bubbled below as The Predator looked down at the torn apart craft jutting out of the water. Black turned and moved down to the crafted searching for his fallen brother. Finally he found the corpse. Black's cold mask glinted in the moonlight that had penetrated the clouds. He moved his hand over his brothers mask before removing items of importance from the other predator before setting the others small grade wrist gauntlet bomb to blow. It didn't have the force of a self-destruct device but it would destroy both hunter and pod.

Black jumped away as the bomb ticked down, it was time to find the beast. The predator turned down the street started moving through the dense city. Its populace seemed to gather around one area moving quietly up to the roof tops he eyed the scene with the eyes of a hunter. This monster...this abomination was loose and it was prowling the human city... humans always made things more complicated.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

         “My, you’ve come quick with news.”
         She sat on the stool in disbelief; though difficult as it were to keep her composure about the situation, she managed.
         ”I had to – and you should have seen it perched upon the highest point on the tower, just above the Great Bell!”
         Her husband’s apprentice had just come bustling from the main streets of the city, claiming to have seen something wicked.
         ”A giant, flaming man, you say? And with a tail? And it was my husband who had warned you all of the terror?”
         He only nodded stupidly.
         ”Let me tuck in my child. We can get back to your news in a minute.”
         ”Hurry, I have much to tell. Your husband claimed that blood covered every surface of the interior.”
         She paused for a second. This was very interesting to her.
         ”Shh, he’s awoken. Child, are you alright?”
         ”The monsters!”
         Not again.
         ”There is nothing in the corner, dear. But I’ll check.”
         ”N-no! No!”
         It took her six minutes to creep near the darkest corner of her child’s room.


         ”Child, go to bed. You have your lessons first thing tomorrow morning!”
         ”No, no! Don’t leave me!”
         He only received a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight, my child.”
         He could only helplessly reach for the door as the beam of light seeping through the opening quickly shrunk into shadow.

          Again, nothing.

          Ice cold air tickled the hairs that ever-so slightly rose from the child’s pale skin; his spine, as they say, was deathly chilled. Whatever sliver of hope he’d felt with his parent was possibly the greatest falseness that could have befallen truth in any given circumstance. Harsh? Maybe.
          Sweat unwelcomingly slithered from his pores. The draft from the cracked window crept in and hugged his drenched back, giving him a developing sickness. Was this what fear felt like? Was Death soon to come?
         Imagination was the greatest foe to a child’s mind. Imagination! That’s all this is. It’s not really happening, right?
         And so his imagination procured the boy’s most perverted thoughts. He imagined Death’s inevitable advent in the form of a sickly pair of hands, protruding grossly through the wall by his bed’s side. Its elongated fingers curled in and out independently of each other, hell-bent on squeezing anything they could touch.
         Death’s wormy digits caressed the sides of the young man’s torso, massaging his breasts with a rough back-and-forth motion.
         The wall began to violently pulsate.
         The wall would not stop.
         Death’s soft palms strangled the frightened child’s neck.
         If only his mother were… No…
          The qualms he had, though seemingly half-cured by the presence of his mother, were lies that hid the fact that Death was not coming – Death was already here.

          Shush, child… I am your mother… Let me love you


         Bloo stood hunched over her prey, forcefully mounting the child and inserting herself through the back of his head. Her second jaw was absolutely stiff, slathered with pools of a red slime that burst more heavily from the child’s meat with every consecutive thrust.
          Her real target – her opposite in every way – was nowhere to be found.


Good start guys, I like the setting.

Staying true to my word, this kid and his mom aren’t characters at all. It was just a good way to introduce my character.

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm playing as a Praetorian in this. That's how I fit in the kid's room.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Bad apple hissed, He quickly realized that he was in London. Judging by the horrid smell in the sewers, and the beautiful smell of human flesh above him. He hissed moving slowly down in the sewers. Moving along in the sewer he had a horrid dump of human waste dumped on him. Eventually he reached the surface and took a smell of the smells around him. Humans almost overpowered his senses. Until he caught a smell of Predator and Alien Pheromone. The Predator, a new smell probably young meat fresh from the trials, The xenomorphs were experienced fighters each from different hives. This was going to be a bloodbath.

Bad apple hissed and began to move towards the Market

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

FireHunter's attention snapped to a sound over by the river, a boom, a familiar boom. Somewhere nearby it could detect another faint smell, a Blue Praetorian that would possibly one day become a Queen and cause lots of trouble for FireHunter. It stood between the trees in the park, a shadow surrounded by bodies, FireHunter had continued its fiendish massacre, and the shadows only obscured so much as a group of watchmen walked into view, the eerie orange glow illuminating the grisly scene in the park, and the demon between the trees. The first thing they noticed was the blood as it poured down into the drains, assisted by the rain, but severed body parts quickly caught their attention, yet when they looked to the trees there was nothing.

And yet the beast could see them, as they were distracted by the body parts it had skirted them, oh so quietly for a creature of its size, and it now stood directly behind them. Its tail swept downwards in a great arc, splitting the man in front of it directly in half, head to crotch. The other men were now alerted, though they knew there was nothing that could be done, and the last thing that any of them saw was the orange firelight reflecting from the moist exoskeleton of their deaths. The roar must have carried on for miles. The beast trundled away from the park, much more idly than before, carrying the upper body of one of the watchmen. The road was becoming quieter now, but something caught the monster's attention. A silhouette upon a building.

A Predator. Alerted by the roar of the beast.

FireHunter hurled the half-body at it, screaming its terrible anger into the night, the Predator avoided the body with no real effort, but avoiding death may prove to be a much more difficult task.

ThePredator13, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

The demon dodged the flung body before turning to face the beast below. It was a big one, The Predator gave somewhat of a roar of challenge before his plasma caster came online. The hot plasma shot straight towards Firehunter. The beast managed to get clear as it struck the cobblestone street with the force of a small bomb. On the other unfortunate hand for Firehunter, some of the human street (which was clearly not made to take this damage) gave way. This sent the Predalien tumbling down into the sewer system below. This was both good and bad. It gave the shocked predator time to regain his composer on the other hand fighting the beast in the narrow dark sewer tunnel would be a living hell. The Predator grunted at the god awful smell the filled its nostrils as it approached the sewer. Just as the Predator was about to jump in the muck the Predalien "helped him out" by climbing its way out of the hole and charging the Predator.

Damn that just made him madder... the predator thought to itself as the beast tackled him. The impact knocked the wind out of the predator as the beast smashed him into a wall that gave way under the force. The Predalien and predator landed on some poor family’s dinner party table. It wasn't a pleasant sight to watch as the two grappled, especially since the Predalien had human feces on its face... what a appetite remover and party crasher. For a moment it seemed like it was all over. Firehunter had managed to break free getting to his feet just as the predator was standing up. The beast tried to impale the predator on his tail but the Predator sidestepped just as the tail whooshed by. The Predalien roared as the Predator readied for round two. It wasn't going to be a pretty fight either.

(Hey Firehunter, if it would be okay, I kind of had an idea that we might take this fight to a curch of some sorts, I've always wanted to have an all-out brawl in a church while the service is going on. Don't ask why its just something I want to do.)

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

         Night’s cold breeze carried FireHunter’s odor to Bloo’s attention. At least, that’s the way she thought it worked – she couldn’t actually smell anything.
         She repeatedly dipped her knuckles in the mud puddles, sauntering outside like a gigantic gorilla. The very subtle splash-splash of her soft pounding into the water coincided with the rain. Was the boy’s mother weeping for her child from heaven? They were both there now. She did her a favor!
         Oh, God. The thought of the boy’s hacked body began to excite her.
         The loose skin around Bloo’s lips gradually stretched to form an unsettling curve. A smile found its way to her face, showcasing the silver teeth used to murder an infinite amount of God’s creatures. This was a very peculiar moment. Whenever she smiled like this – a moment found only after butchering a child of any species and consuming its reproductive appendage – it would accentuate the already frightful smile-like scar that extended the edges of her mouth and stretch it even more. And for reasons no one has ever dared to learn, her face simply stayed frozen like this – like a statue – for weeks unless interrupted.
         I was a truly terrifying sight to behold, if one were so unlucky to witness it.
         Out from between her teeth came the ceaseless cascade of gelatinous saliva, proliferating bountifully into the trademark “drooling” that all Xenomorphs shared. This was the only thing Bloo had in common with the members of her brood. Even her appearance – the way she presented herself, at least – was uncommon, not to mention her extremely unnatural urge to kill her prey rather than collect them for reproduction. Was this the cause of her stiff grimace? Could she actually enjoy murder? Could Xenomorphs do that?
         Whatever the reason was, we do know that something did, in fact, interrupt her joy that day. It was a roar that followed the odor, and they both belonged to her nemesis. It seemed these two were always destined to be locked in a perpetual battle of dominance. They were each from different hives, both as demonic souls finding ways to reincarnate and seemingly do battle with each other; both second-generation “leaders,” both representing opposite colors on the spectrum. When this conflict started is also up for debate. Your guess is as good as mine, reader.
         And so she followed FireHunter’s all-too familiar call to an all-too familiar challenge, grinning no more. She hacked up the heart of the boy she’d just killed and ferociously crushed it on the ground. The explosion of blood and meat splattering all over her face calmed her for a second.


Yeah, I’m all for that church idea.

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

[Church sounds good to me, St. Paul's Cathedral, just remember to mention the distance between where the Big Ben is and where St. Paul's is]

FireHunter was infuriated now, fecal matter dripped from the bloody black exoskeleton, its tail lashed out in agitation, whizzing once more past the Predator's head, striking the brick behind him and splitting it, sticking into the brick. As the Predator dodged the tail, FireHunter's massive body tilted forward and a colossal hand swiped across the Predator's chest, green blood spurted from the grievous wound and the Predator flew into the tail and was, in a matter of seconds, on his back. FireHunter's tail pulled from the wall, showering the Predator in dust and debris, a gigantic hand came down, lifted the Predator up, and threw him through the damaged wall. FireHunter burst through after him, and roared thunderously, the Predator got up and fled, though he emitted no pheromones that indicated fear. FireHunter gave chase, and the pair tore their way through Trafalgar Square, watchmen didn't even fire upon the demons, they just ran for their lives.

Eventually, a great building hovered in front of them, looming and ominous, music hummed from within. The Predator stopped at the heavy doors, turning to face the monster baring down on him, pavement cracking beneath its great weight. He braced himself, the monster tackled him and the two exploded into St. Paul's Cathedral, the priests ducked for cover and late-night church-goers screamed and scrambled for the exits. FireHunter tossed the Predator across the hall, slamming him into a pillar, the Predator's plasmacaster sent a bolt of bright blue energy straight into FireHunter's massive chest, resulting in an explosion of acid. The beast stumbled backwards from the force, before hurling a pew in the Predator's direction, the wooden object splintered and flipped unpredictable, catching the Predator on the shoulder. FireHunter's roar echoed through the church, deafeningly loud. People streamed out of the shattered door, many were killed on their way out by the flying pew and FireHunter's tail. The demon dashed forward, flattening the stragglers and shattering pews on its deadly path towards The Predator.

ThePredator13, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

While most creatures would have turned tail and ran like hell, the Predator held its ground. It was like a bullfighter staring down a bull. The Predator sealed all of his "weaker" emotions away and roared. The creature did something like a twist allowing the beast to past him while dragging his wristblades through Firehunter's thick exoskeleton. The Predalien roared in pain and swatted The Predator aside. It was very...very angry, but that clouded its judgment. It moved slowly and deliberately toward The Predator and thats were it made its mistake. When the hulking beast got close The Predator plunged its wristblade into the knee joint of the beast.

Firehunter's roar shook the church frame to the core. Its roar was a mix of shock and rage as its acidic blood melted through the floor. Firehunter swatted The Predator away causing him to land hard in a pew which shattered on impact. The Predator's bio luminescent blood dripped slowly down from his arm were the pew had him earlier. It seemed to have been dislocated on impact with this new object after all the damage done. The wood had shattered on contact allowing a large shard of wood had jammed itself in its lower arm of the dislocated limb.

Firehunter started to slowly hobble toward The Predator as it started to stand tearing out the shard of wood. There was no more fear in The Predator tonight, no there was only blood lust now. The Predator roared defiantly as Firehunter lifted him and threw him against the wall. The Predator slumped down as Firehunter limped toward him. This time tough The Predator had an answer to this attack. It fingers curled around a jagged piece of wood with its good arm and rammed it into the good leg of Firehunter. The Predator stood as Firehunter roared in pain. The Predator clicked before shoving his bad arm back into place, while it was still heavily damaged it would at least work.

(OOC: Sorry for posting late you guys, I am on a camping trip and don't have internet on my phone unless I'm standing next to a signal tower. Anyway I'll be posting this friday.)

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

         Hundreds of people scrambled throughout the city streets, all darting for the same general direction. Bloo kept her distance. Trampling over them like a mindless brute was more FireHunter’s style, after all. She liked to be graceful with her twitchy movements.
         Curiously, one of the humans stayed behind to confront the dark-red abomination. Fighting him, even! This human had a deathwish. This human had balls. This human had…
         …Fleshy dreadlocks?
         Netting that hugged its rough skin, armor made of extraterrestrial metal – it was a Predator. If the mask and plasma caster didn’t give it away, nothing would.
         FireHunter was making quick work of the brave little soldier. As much as Bloo would have liked to see it split in half from the crotch up, she couldn’t let FireHunter have that satisfaction.
         She still had quite a distance to go before being close enough to make physical contact, but she was determined as ever to rip his mandibles off.

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

FireHunter screeched in agony as the wood slipped between its thicker armour plates and into its knee joint, almost immediately being dissolved by the acid. A massive claw swung out and smashed the Predator straight across the cathedral, right to the front of the altar. FireHunter crouched and growled as its wounded knees stitched themselves back together, the wounds were almost superficial, yet they smoked from the wood burning within them, and made it difficult to walk. It wasn't long before the wounds had closed up completely, and FireHunter stood again and looked towards the altar, the Predator was staggering to its feet, dizzied.

FireHunter roared again and attempted to run, but found itself only capable of a limp. The wounds had closed up on the outside, but had yet to repair on the inside. Its tail flicked in frustration, shattering another pew. It hobbled down the aisle towards its prey, and reached out to the side, grasping another pew and swinging it at the Predator, catching him in the head, knocking him to the ground again. The floors cracked underneath FireHunter's weight.

The Predator was lifted into the air and brought down onto the altar, splitting it in two. A familiar stench buzzed in FireHunter's receptors, a rival Praetorian, a Blue Praetorian. Still holding the dazed Predator, it turned to the door, it could still feel its legs knitting themselves together. Another roar burst from its throat, and suddenly a sharp pain burned its forearm. The roar was cut short and its head turned ominously towards the Predator, who had just thrust a dagger through the monster's wrist.

FireHunter dropped the Predator and kicked him in the ribs, sending him through the shattered pews. FireHunter pulled the dagger from its wrist, removing a chunk of exoskeleton. A deep, throaty growl of pure fury resonated within the cathedral.

ThePredator13, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Impact hurt like hell. The Predator body felt like he had been through what the humans called a 10 round slugfest...hell and it wasn't him doing the slugging. He had broken a rib, fractured a collarbone and felt like shit. It head felt like an angry bee hive was swarming around in it. The Predator pulled itself into a sitting position. Two of them...fucking two of them....the gods were giving him the middle finger today weren't they. He shook his head trying to clear the bats from the belfry. Damn this place had gone to hell. The Predator used a settee to help pull himself to his feet.

Standing now he could see the full scene before him. Two giant sized monsters stood before him siliva dripping and jaws flared. The other one though was lighter and didn't have that bull in a china shop look Firehunter had. The Predator stumbled backwards before sizing up both of his opponents.

Mostly the feeling of bringing a gun to an all exclusive pretty large knife fight echoed in his mind. The Predator let his plasma caster rise into a ready position but still kept his distance from the two. He needed time to heal desperately.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

         Viscous trails of saliva gathered around two dragging heels, which were followed by an elongated appendage reminiscent of an anaconda. This stinger-tipped anaconda slithered behind a serpent emerging from the shadows. The anaconda – the serpent’s tail – curled around its waist. The gleam of the serpent’s smooth skin matched both the dread of the night sky and the false hope emanating from the stars.
         Quite some time had passed, though however much was unimportant. Bloo clenched her fists and growled at FireHunter’s hulking silhouette. While the moonlight sneaking through the colorful windows revealed Bloo’s diamond-hard carapace to be a dark blue, the same moonlight painted FireHunter with auburn blotches.
         His wide shoulders raised and fell as he awaited his nemesis’ first move. Bloo disregarded the Predator for a moment – all she could think about was tearing into the Predalien’s jaws and sticking her tail down its throat. However much she tried, she couldn’t find a good spot to strike.
         He instead made the first strike. She found his palm groping her cheek, slamming her crown into a cluster of fallen benches. He was a quick motherfucker, something she couldn’t quite get over due to his size.
         Bloo’s own hands, though tiny in comparison to that mindless brute’s, seized the opportunity to latch onto FireHunter’s chest and shoulder, ripping out chunks of flesh from his outer-layer. His blood immediately covered her smiling face. She was overjoyed and merely licked the excess goop running between her teeth. A breathy cackle shot out of her throat as FireHunter stepped back, clearly aghast, though his tail bitch-slapped Bloo into an altar.
         The fun had just begun.

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

FireHunter screeched, large chunks of the floor melted away from its blood, and as FireHunter lunged towards its foe and the two grappled mercilessly with each other, the Predator fired an ice blue bolt that struck the weakened floor, which collapsed underneath the combined weight of the two Xenomorphs, sending the two into the darkness of the tombs below. FireHunter stood at its full height, its head and shoulders came out of the hole where the floor once was, and it looked down towards Bloo, who got to her feet, the two monsters stared at each other, disregarding the Predator altogether. A snarl broke the silence and FireHunter's monstrous bulk lurched forward and swiped at its rival. It unleashed a howl of agony as a slender tail punched through its right bicep, stopping its arm mid-strike.

FireHunter's left arm swept across Bloo's chest and collarbone, stripping a substantial amount of flesh and exoskeleton from her body. FireHunter followed the swipe with a powerful kick that knocked the Blue Praetorian backwards, tearing the tail from FireHunter's arm, Bloo's crest struck the Predator in the chest, knocking him over the altar. FireHunter advanced on its foe and placed its hands on her shoulders, leaning forward menacingly, its inner jaw lunged forth and punched a hole in Bloo's jaw, Bloo retaliated with a swipe that ripped FireHunter's two right mandibles from its face and left a vicious set of bleeding gashes. Yellow acid poured from the wounds of the pair, both of them stared at their counterpart, fangs exposed, FireHunter leaped from the yawning gap in the floor and grasped a pillar in its trajectory, the pillar crumbled from its weight and came toppling down alongside the beast, crashing through the wall and leaving another gaping hole in the wall of the church in a cascade of crumbled stone and shattered glass. Lightning flared and thunder roared outside, flashing a bright scene and stretched shadows through the moonlit church. FireHunter placed one enormous hand upon the end of a pew and launched it at Bloo's head, the wood shattered against the exoskeleton and Bloo unleashed a terrible screech.

FireHunter's attention returned to the Predator when another ice blue bolt burned through the air over Bloo's head and struck its left shoulder, punching a small hole into FireHunter's exoskeleton in a shower of acid that burned away at everything in the vicinity. FireHunter unleashed a howl that rivalled the thunder in volume and leaped towards the Predator, left arm hanging limp as it recovered from the impact of the plasma bolt. The beast landed on the cracked altar, right behind the Blue Praetorian's head, and crushed the altar into a powder under its weight. FireHunter's right arm lunged upwards and sent the Predator through a stained glass window and back outside. FireHunter leaped forward and struck another pillar with its right shoulder, sending the column of stone through the wall after the Predator. The monster turned back to its blue foe, roaring monstrously.

concretehunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

The crashing continued outside How shall i deal with this. Where is Patrick, He could help me. Him and all of his bobbys could come down and thrash the lot of these. I knew dark times were apon us but now demons rampage in my chapel. My prayer beads will keep me safe.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.

A tump sounded from outside my door, I run to the door and twist the lock as quickly as i can causing a loud crunching sound to ring out inside the cathedral. I must defend myself, Where is it. Oh where IS it.

I go to the end of my bed and pop the latch on the trunk. Bibles, Hankerche- Oh there it is. A large wooden box engraved poorly and smelling of stale Guinness.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; Also I've got a huge ass gun and a pint of stout. -Paddy"

I clicked the latch and revealed the large gun inside, A long rifle. I pulled it out of the box, I've never handled a weapon before in my life. But i must fend of the darkness. With a cross around my neck and christ in my heart i unlocked the door and ran into the main hall only to find one large, Blue tinged demon standing across the hall standing in the wake of a broken window.

"Be not that far from me, for trouble is near; O my strength, haste Thee to help me." I took aim and fired, The pellet collided with the monsters shoulder, A small splash of green blood landed onto a chain tied to the wall. The holy spirit is with me, But not as much as i need it to be. I turned and ran fearing for my life, I fumbled another round into my rifle.

Suddenly the sound of crashing and screeching hit my ears. Is it possible? Did the creatures fizzling blood break the chain? The chandelier must of come crashing down onto the beast.

ThePredator13, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Pain tore through his chest as there he lay bio mask first in the cold soggy grass. Hmm....what was it that made him angry in this situation. Was it the lack of attention given to he wants in this fight? Honestly no.... or was it that the blue bitch interrupted his fight...getting warmer here. To be honest he like the company of the roaring Predalien. It was do or die, and honestly it didn't talk back when you blew a hole in its chest.

Though he had one little problem...he manhandled me. Now it was personal, the creature pulled itself up just as the pillar of stone came crashing down to meet it. Well fuck you too.... the creature dived to the side, the pillar barely missing it. The Predator stood silently and made his was around to the front entrance. Climb through the window and he wouldn't be finding Rapunzel.

Now give or take a few minutes The Predator almost in a relaxed fashion made it around to the door. Just as I left it.... he could hear the sounds of the Blue alien and the Predalien trying to beat the living shit out each other just beyond the door. The creature pushed the door to the side only to see a human shooting his little pellets at Bloo.

More or less this human was an annoyance more than anything else. He started moving towards the man with evil intent. He grabbed the human from behind by the collar lifting the man off his feet. He then proceeded to throw the man onto one of the nearby pews. He then turned towards the brawling aliens. The Predator charged the combat. He watched as the Predalien swiped at him catching his shoulder letting the blood start flowing freely. He grunted twisting to the side bring his wrist blades across the skull of the Predalien. He twisted dragging them across the chest of the Blue alien. For once in his life he was glad that he had got up off his lazy ass and treated his equipment for acid.

He then caught the Blue alien’s tail across the back sending him flying into a wall. He swore as many curses as he could think up at the moment before noticing something. A large item lay on the altar. He slowly reached down and picked up the large iron cross, it was as tall as a human and the ends were quite sharp. He moved slowly toward the fighting Xeno's and took a halfhearted swing at Bloo's back. There was a sickening popping sound at the iron cross tore into Bloo's back leaving a large hole on the point of impact. He turned to fire a plasma bolt at Bloo but was broadsied by Firehunter sending the plasma bolt tearing into the ceiling with a mighty explosion.

(Edit: Sorry about that Firehunter)

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

(ThePredator, it was Bloo that was getting shot by Concretehunter, not me, and the chandelier had already fallen on top of Bloo as well)

FireHunter shrieked as the Predator's wristblades burned across its face, and when the burning blue bolt seared dangerously close to its head, it unleashed a roar that was soon competed with by the explosion of the ceiling. Chunks of stone rained upon the contestants and FireHunter almost completely ignored the human, but turned towards the recovering Predator, it leaped forward in a short burst and was bearing right over the Predator, tail poised to strike, as the tail came down the plasmacaster launched another fiery bolt that removed the end of FireHunter's tail, spraying everything with acid as it whipped back and forth and FireHunter gave a thunderous shriek.

FireHunter reared back for a second before coming back down and bringing its fist down on the Predator's shoulder, smashing the plasmacaster and part of the bone was crushed into powder. The Predator slashed with its good arm and severed the lower left mandible of FireHunter. The huge claws of FireHunter slashed at the Predator, but missed as he slid between FireHunter's legs. FireHunter's blunted tail came crashing down behind it, slamming onto the Predator's injured shoulder, a roar of pain was heard and FireHunter turned, a trail of green was all that signified the Predator's presence. FireHunter slammed itself into the pillar to its right, which came crashing down onto the floor with a tremendous noise, the beast threw itself at the pillar to its left, which also came down, and caused a domino effect that resulted in all the pillars on one side of the cathedral to collapse and punch through the front wall.

The walls groaned and began to crumble, the remaining pillars split and creaked, FireHunter turned and leaped through one of the cracking windows, knowing that the building was preparing to come crashing down.