Supersonicman vs Argonian

Peterson, Human, 9 years ago

enjoy and follow the rules.

supersonicman96, Human, 9 years ago

Thanks. Argonian, should I start or do you want to?

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

Well, I did wanted to start, if you don't mind :D

I had an idea of the location. An abandoned mining colony on a desertic planet. What do you say?

supersonicman96, Human, 9 years ago

Sure, that sounds great =D When ever you're ready.

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

The marine observed the clouds on the distance. Although it was almost nightfall, the sun felt like noon in a really hot summer. He sighed, and cleaned his sweaty forehead, lost on thought. Suddenly, he heard his commander on the intercom. "Algae. Have you found anybody of Foxtrot yet?"

"Negative, sir. I'm still looking out for them." The hispanic boy responded, before jumping off the rock he had his feet on. "Allright, Algae. Report if you find any traces of 'em." With a "Yes sir", Edgar returned to his patrol, through the colony that had been formed years ago. Even though the colony had been abandoned, and the power was out, the metal apartments and buildings still held it's ground, although they were somewhat sunk in the red sands that covered the planet. The sandstorms had also taken their toll, as most crystals and furniture inside the buildings were broken.

As Edgar kept on walking through the lonely streets, he reviewed on his mind what the mission was about. Supposedly, a small vessel, carrying 20 or so prisioners, and consisting of 5 crewmembers, the pilot, the co-pilot, and three armed guards, had crashed on the planet, due to a mutiny inside the ship.

That was why a small force of marines was dispatched on the planet. Two teams, Foxtrot and Eco, had been tasked with finding the prisioners, and taking them back to the prision planet, and helping any surviving crewmembers that could be still be alive. The ship had been already secured, and at least 12 of the prisioners had been captured, and the pilot and co-pilot found relatively unharmed.

However, the rest had hidden in the colony, and were now probably trying to evade the marines. If that couldn't be enough trouble, half of Foxtrot had dissapeared mysteriously.

So, the mission had changed, from finding prisioners, to finding the rest of the marines...

"Ok... nothing here." The redhead said to himself, as he went out from one of the buildings, back to the sandy street. In the distance, he managed to see two vague figures closing out to him. Not wanting to take any chances, Edgar hid behind an old vending machine, and peeked, waiting for the figures to come closer...

supersonicman96, Human, 9 years ago

Super looked on his hunting ground. Super had learned of the Human settlement and had hoped to find honor here, only to find it empty. He steeled himself on the chance that the Serpents could be here, killing any in their wake, but found no signs of them. He almost left the planet when he saw a human ship falling towards the settlement and crashing a relative distance away.

He observed the crash and it's outcome. 20 humans, all armed, had escaped the crash and made refuge in the city. He didn't bother to check the ship, it wouldn't be going anywhere and the only place more potential prey could move to was the nearby settlement. Once he was done here, he would check back later. He went back into the city, preparing to hunt the prey before him. One human was looking for something in one of the buildings. Once he left, Super descended on him and using his wristblades, killed the unaware prey and skinned it.

He hung it up from that very building, as a sign stating this was his hunting ground. He wanted the challenge, he wanted his prey to know where they stood now. Soon after, another ship had arrived, this time filled with more humans, this time warriors. Perhaps Super would leave with trophies after all. He cut them down one after the other, taking trophies from them. Some had fought him till the end. They were kept, others cowered before him. They hung from the buildings.

Super remembered his weak ways when he was young, now he was a true warrior and if these humans couldn't be honorable, then they would die. Super had found two humans walking down the street. He was preparing his plasma caster when he noticed a human warrior, preparing for an ambush. Even with his one good eye, Super could see that it was thinner and smaller than the other humans, yet it was prepared to fight them? Super decided to see what this warrior was planning.

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

The Colonial Marine peeked slightly into the street, to take a better look at the men incoming. They were not soldiers, and were not security guards either. They were two prisioners, and well armed also.

Edgar looked around his surroundings, and came up with an idea. Grabbing an old soda can, he threw it inside one of the buildings that was on his right. The sound caught the attention of both of the men, which promptly ran to see what had caused the sound.

They got closer to the building, completely missing the hidden marine behind the machine. Using the surprise factor, the hispanic made his way silently to them, sneaking, until they were just a few centimeters away from him.

"Nothing here, it seems..." As the criminal turned his head, he only managed to see a red and green tint, before feeling the butt of the Pulse Rifle on his forehead.

The prisioner fell, as his friend pointed his shotgun at Edgar. "Son of a...!" As the man was about to pull the trigger, he received a pair of shots on his arm. "AHHH!" Before he could recover, he received a kick in the stomach, which sent him into the sandy street. "You are arrested in name of Earth and her colonies!"

"I won't let you take me, slimey!" The man tried to take out a pistol, however, he was met by the muzzle of the marine's rifle. "You better don't move." With a snarl, the prisioner dropped the weapon, which was promptly picked by Edgar. "Now, don't move." The marine kicked the shotgun from his grasp, and tried calling the rest of his team.

"Sir, this is Algae. I got two prisioners. I shot one on the arm, and the other one has a contusion on it's head, but otherwise they are allright." There was no response. "Hello? Sir?"

The redhead sighed, returning to the task at hand. He pointed his weapon to the prisioner which he had first taken out, making a gesture for him to move closer to his companion. The man nodded, and crawled to him, too confused to try and fight against the marine. "Now, you both stay there. And nothing will happen to you."

supersonicman96, Human, 9 years ago

Super was both impressed and disappointing by the warrior. Despite its underwhelming appearance, it had defeated the two humans in combat...but it refused to take them as trophies. Was it a badblood, killing for the sake of killing. If so, than perhaps it would be easier to kill it now...unless the other two were so pathetic that they weren't even worth being trophies, much like an abomination.

They all seemed to wear the same type of clothing...perhaps a symbol of their wretchedness? He wasn't sure of where this warrior stood and where these other humans stood as well, but what Super did know was that he would play by this humans rules, the human abominations would be killed as such. Super looked upon the two restrained humans, considering killing them as abominations, but decided against it as they were still unarmed.

He did however unhook the trophies he made recently, those of the human wretches, from his belt and threw them down to the ground. This warrior will realize that he now faces a worthy hunter and a fellow warrior and that one would be dead by the end of it.

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

As he guarded over the prisioners, the marine heard something behind him. Like if something was lowering itself.

"Don't move..." Edgar said, firmly, to the prisioners, as he looked behind him. Two skinless humans laid above the ground, blood falling over the exposed muscle into the ground, each one being held by a rope. He felt nauseous, and quickly looked away, back to the prisioners.

They were in shock too. Suddenly, one of them screamed, and pointed at the roof of the building. The hispanic boy took a deep breath, as he turned around, and saw two green, luminous eyes observing him. The way that it seemed to observe him, like a cat would eye a mouse, waiting for the perfect moment to jump over it and eat the poor rodent.

He eyed the hanging bodies again... could this... thing... be a wild animal that lived on the planet. Or perhaps... it was something else.

He quickly turned to see if the prisioners were still there, before returning his gaze back to the thing, on top of the apartment roof. He pointed his gun at it. He knew that, maybe the prisioners would try and flee or even attempt to grab their weapons again, and shoot the marine. But something told him that the monster was the most dangerous thing at hand. If it could do that to a pair of humans, what it wouldn't do to a lone marine?

supersonicman96, Human, 9 years ago

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The warrior pointed it's weapon at Super and said something in it's language to the prisoners. He recorded that phrase "Don't Move...", it would act as a call for the human prey.

Already, the warrior noticed him and it was ready to fight. Super was charging up his plasma caster and aimed it at the human warrior. It made a small movement, but like the rest of his kind, Super couldn't see it's expressions well enough, only the thermal energy of it. Super was ready to kill the warrior when the two human abominations made a move.

One was running away while the other grabbed it's weapon. Super wasn't sure what it's end goal was, but now it was armed and dangerous. Super shot at the abomination instead. The plasma bolt ripped right through the human. It stood for a few more seconds, but then fell to the ground. Super retreated from the area when the warrior looked to the abomination. Super needed to keep this hunt going much longer, this human warrior deserved that much.

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

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Before Edgar could make out what the creature was, the two prisioners tried to escape. One began running away, and the other one took his shotgun. The redhead quickly turned around, to defend himself, but before any of the two could make a move, there was a flash, and shortly after, the prisioner had a huge gape on his chest.

Edgar backed away, scared, and turned around. The thing wasn't a creature. It was something else. But what? He observed the prisioner again. It was dead.

Had it tried to help him, or it was searching something else?

The marine readied his pulse rifle, and began looking again for the two eyes in the darkness. "What are you after?" The hispanic began moving, in the direction where the prisioner had ran. He was not distracted, however, still on the look for the thing which had, so far, murdered three humans.

supersonicman96, Human, 8 years ago

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Super leapt from building to building, tracking the other abomination. This creature was a coward, unwilling to stand with it's kind. The warrior was also tracking the abomination. He had no doubts that the warrior wouldn't kill the abomination despite what it was. Super was still unsure of this relationship between the two, but he had to make it so that they wouldn't interrupt this fight between them. Super had a supply of nets, able to restrain these creatures. Who knows, maybe the warrior just needed to know he faced an worthy opponent. Then it's true colors would be shown.

Argonian, Human, 8 years ago

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"Hey! Stop! Now!" The marine screamed out at the running prisioner, which was running like a madman through the otherwise silent strets. The prisioner then saw its opportunity to escape through an abandoned building, which he entered by throwing himself inside a window. The window broke, and the small pieces of glass scrapped and cut the prisioner slightly, but that didn't stopped him from running.

The redhead stopped and pointed his weapon at the prisioner, but decided not to shoot. He blinked, and soon enough, he had escaped from him. The Hispanic man sighed, and quickly turned on his back, searching for the beast of the murders. Perhaps the prisioner had escaped, but he knew that he would probably find it again. Or so he hoped.

Now, what was important to him, was to make sure that the beast wasn't on his heels, and if it was, to show it that it was better for it to continue with it's life. Taking off the safety of his Pulse Rifle, he began to walk around, searching for both the prisioner, and the creature.

supersonicman96, Human, 8 years ago

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Super looked upon the wretched creature. It was livid with fear and it was hiding to avoid the hunt! Whether or not this human was truly worthless was still in question, but it was clear that it was no warrior. Super leapt from his perch to confront the pathetic creature. At the sight of Super, it screamed as loud as possible, scrambling away and flinging sand and rocks at the warrior.
Super was tempted to just break it's neck, but he had made a vow to spare the unarmed ones. Instead, Super readied his netgun and fired it at the human. In a matter of seconds, the human was enveloped by the net, tightening around it's body just short of slicing into it's skin. The screams only became more audible, but Super expected nothing less. These humans were soft skinned, even a non lethal net pained them. Super examined the human. It wore the clothes of an abomination, but he wasn't sure if it was the same wretch he saw earlier. Even if he could make out details with both a thermal mask and one eye, humans generally looked the same, save for the infants.
He left the human where he was and went off in his search for more abominations when he spotted the warrior from earlier. Despite his stature he was a impressive combatant when it dawned on Super...he had only seen the warrior fight against cowards, not a true warrior. He had to see for himself if the warrior could atleast give him a true challenge. Super aimed the plasma caster at his chest where and uttered his recording "Don't move..."

Argonian, Human, 8 years ago

(Do not worry. I understand. It is not an issue for me.)

The human stopped dead on his tracks, when he was the laser of the weapon being pointed at him, with a distorted, eerie voice telling him to stop. "What the...?" He asked, as he squinted his eyes into the darkness, trying to make out what was pointing at him. Another human?

"How did the convicts managed to get ahold of a weapon?" He thought, as he slowly raised his rifle, and without hesitation, jumped out of the way of the laser, hoping to evade it, before firing a grenade with his M41A to the origin of the laser, hoping to catch whoever that was pointing at him on the explosion.

He fell to the ground, hurting his elbow in the fall, and ran to find cover in a near building, jumping through the broken window. Inside, he noticed a metal table, on what he had assumed that would be the dining room of the building. He trotted to it, before turning it to the other side, taking cover behind it.

He then checked himself for more injuries, and raised up his Motion Sensor.

supersonicman96, Human, 8 years ago

Super backed away from the projectile. He didn't know what it was, but Super could easily dodged it. Any smugness that he felt however was replaced with a shock as the projectile exploded upon contact and injured his right arm. Super looked at it and saw blood running down from his shoulder, though with a missing eye, the full extent was not visible, but he couldn't waste any time; the human could already be poised to attack.

Looking out at the battlefield, he couldn't see the human. Activating his cloak, he jumped down to the ground, not ruling out an ambush. Super observed the scorch mark his plasma caster had left behind and then towards the direction the human had dodged towards. Super heard a steady beeping coming from the nearby window, implying either that the human is hiding there...or setting up an ambush. Thankfully, they couldn't see his thermal image and moved towards the window to observe and plan out his attack.

Argonian, Human, 8 years ago

As he lightly touched himself, Edgar noticed that pieces of broken glass had lodged themselves at his left side, after jumping the window. Placing his weapon aside for a moment, the Colonial Marine took out some tweezers, that were located on a medical bag that he carried on his person, and began to take out the pieces that he could see, until he heard a loud "THUMP!" behind him.

Panicking somewhat, the redhead took off the last piece as fast as he could, before placing the tweezers back into his backpack, and grabbed his rifle again, followed by his motion sensor. As he shifted around, he felt some pain, from the open wounds, although he was thankful that his armor had protected his chest from the crystal.

He peeked his head for a moment, to see if there was anything outside the building, but he was unable to see anything, yet the Motion Sensor was beeping constantly. He hid again, as he waited, but the movement was still being detected by the device.

"Look... whatever you are, I really, really don't want to hurt you. And I'd preferred if you didn't hurt me either..." A drop of sweat fell from Edgar's brow, as he waited for a response, that never came.

"Darn..." Edgar placed his Motion Sensor back on his belt, and grasping his rifle tightly, he stood up suddenly, and began firing blindly into the zone outside of the window, before returning to hiding behind the metal table.

"45... rounds left... okay... I can do this..." Edgar whispered, as he took a deep breath.

supersonicman96, Human, 7 years ago

Super cursed out loudly. He should have known better than to think he can ambush the warrior in this enclosed space. Had he been careless? He didn't enter quietly true, but the human couldn't have known he was in here.

All of that aside, he had been injured further. The warrior had shot wildly at Super so not every bullet hit him, but it would have been better if he hadn't been hit at all.

The human called out to him again, a threat perhaps? He couldn't understand the humans, but he knew it was trying to communicate to him. The human couldn't be caught off guard anymore. Super pulled out his Combi stick. Before the human could attack again, he had to make his move. Despite the pain, he charged forward, ready for the fight that he anticipated.

Argonian, Human, 7 years ago

Edgar felt a chill running down his spine when he heard the monster emit a rather loud and brash exclamation, which he couldn't understand, yet he interpreted it as some kind of threat towards him. He figured out that there would be no peace or a white flag with whatever he was facing against.

His heart was racing, as he felt his life hanging from a rather thin thread. The redhead knew he had to make a plan to stay alive, and looking around, he found out that there was a door a few meters from where he was hiding, which lead to an adjacent room.

He looked at his side again, the pain reminding him that he was still bleeding from where the glass had penetrated his uniform, knowing he had to take care of it as soon as possible. Sighing softly, he looked back at his motion sensor, which was beeping faster, noticing that whatever was hunting him down was coming at him. Fast.

Deciding he really didn't wanted to risk his luck by staying on the same area as the creature approached, he exited his cover, while staying as low as possible, to aid on evading any kind of attack from his assailant, then fired another grenade from his pulse rifle, aiming at the floor next to the window, hoping to hit the thing that was coming for him, jumping towards the door, hoping to prevent shrapel from hitting him.

His ears rang, and he realized that shooting the grenade on such close proximity hadn't been a good idea. Dizzy, and disoriented, he fired a few bursts at random, hoping to hit the creature, if the grenade hadn't actually damaged his assailant. He crouched, intending to retreat towards the other room, managing to notice a stove in disrepair, alongside several open cabinets, as he moved towards the doorway, hoping that he could plan his next move and rest for a moment.