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Ok I redid my profile AGAIN let’s see how this goes.

Name: Nightblood

Age: Unknown might be a young blood.

Gender: Male


Height: 8.6

Weight: 390

Appearance: Black armor, tons of muscles, orange/yellow eyes, deep yellow spotted skin with black spots, long deadlocks.

Personality: Bold he’s the first one to show up and the last to leave with an arm full of skulls, aloof, has a morbid sense of humor, can come off as sarcastic but when he is sarcastic he has a point and is very vicious. Respects female yautja.

History: Not much is known about Nightblood except that he was a good hunter, had many trophies but left to hunt alone with out his clan and was branded a Bad Blood so he can’t go back. Spends his time hunting humans, Xenomorphs and hybrids and the occasional Bad Blood every now and then. Enjoys hunting hybrids and has worked with them at times, though he mainly likes to hunt them.

Weapons: 1 spear, 2 waistbands, 2 mauls, 2 glaives, 2 combi-staffs, one sword made out of the hide of a Xenomorph Praetorian, 1 bladed whip, one plasma caster. 2 smart disks and a bunch of shruiken(about 6). His mask is similar to Celtic’s.

Trophies: Plenty of Xenomorph skulls, has some human skulls, a few yautja skulls, some hybrid skulls and a few unidentifiable skulls.


"If I can see you and you can't see me, you're already dead."