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a woman she is 25 years old she is wearing a low hip tight black jeans with bright blood red roses on the pant legs with bright green vines wrapping around the pant legs her tank top has a zipper in the front that closes the shirt up her eyes are of different colors and change with her emotions or feelings she is 5 foot 5 her hair is long and silky its color is a light golden brown with fuchsia and bright teal highlights her skin is pale soft she has tiny and delicate claw like nails she is well toned lips soft painted slightly black she sits nearby and watches everyone around her she has symbols that are birthmarks/ tattoos on her arms legs and sides with a few stripe like marks around her wrist arms legs lower hip and navel she has a dragon like birthmark/ tattoo that starts at the right side of her neck and goes sensually lower down her shoulder blade in the back goes lower on her back wraps slightly on the lower back and low hip and its tail ends in a possessive , sensual yet erotic way she has a full human form but her blood is much more advanced in many ways the only thing that separates her from normal humans are her strength her speed her scenses the extra pair of fangs in her upper jaw the small claw like nails witch had been the only permanent damaged caused when she was a child at the hands of one fo adopted fathers she is skilled in many lenguages and can easylly learn new ones just hearign afew words or phraces her eyes are of diferent collor wich is extremly rare for humans the only way to really know what her feelings or emotions are is through the color of her eyes wich change whith each emotion her only curse is the need to not only eat meat and any other "human" food but allso she must drink or injest a bit of blood wether human or other wiase she has many other skills but hides them from the humans so that they wont have another reason to call her a monster


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