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I have decided to become human again so I going to redo my old character Kacey. For those of you who don't remember my RPG character was an ex-colonial marine named Kacey "Neko" Maris who's entire unit was working for the Cooperates.

Edit: My character now has a more darker past seeing as she raised by her mercenary parents and left on her own and became a member of the Dark Blood Organization.

Gender: Female
Weight:135 lbs
Appearance: Tan skin, short dark brown hair almost black, brown eyes, a lily tattoo on her waist, scar around her neck and a scar on her back. Slender, muscular body, small waist and strong arms. One tough lady.
Clothes: Dark green camouflaged pants, blue tank top, black denim jacket, knee high black boots and two dogs tags around her neck. One with her name and one with her father's name.
History: Kacey was born into a family of mercenaries so right form the start this kid was raised in a somewhat criminal setting. Both her parents illegally transported cargo for various people as long as the price was good. Kacey learned at a early age how to smooth-talk her way out of trouble and what it meant to someone who gave you trouble; she had seen her father snap and man's neck when she was just 14 and it didn't even bother her. When she turned 20 Kacey struck out on her own and drifted between groups and clubs in the vast universe. She eventually settled with the Dark Blood Organization. Now, Kacey is dealing with a sudden change when her rival, the deadly BloodHarpy becomes the new boss.

"I used to believe in save who you can. My new motto: Kill them all let no one stand!"


Kill them all let no one stand!