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Name:Anita Cafall

Age: 23


Rank: privet

Designation: riflewoman

Callsign: Azumi, or Jade

Theme Song: Shattered by Broken Dream- Avenged Sevenfold

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 52.16 kg

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: light brown/

Physical Description:

Hair is a light brown and come a little past her shoulders. Is usually pulled up in
a tight, out of they way, pony tail. Her eyes are a blue green that changes
color depending on a mix of what she’s wearing and what she’s feeling. They have
often been seen as a jade color. At Five feet and 5 inches, she is tall, and
well built, quick and agile.

Personality: She tends to be a bit cold and distant around those who
don’t know her, that or she’s just a plain bitch. She can keep a good head on
her shoulders at all times. Once you get past the cold exterior, and you catch
her in a good mood, she can be a fun, out going person…she tends to be sarcastic
and very cheeky with her superiors and she’s not afraid to speak her thoughts on
whatever orders she’s given… though she might complain in a joking way, she will
follow what ever orders she’s given, as long as they are given by one she
trusts… she tends to drink a lot, and while she’ll never do anything that’ll
endanger her teammates’ lives, she tends to be a bite reckless at times, almost
to the point of being called suicidal. Because of the events of her past, she
finds it very hard to open up to and trust people, and while she’ll show the
minimum amount of respect to higher officers, she’d prefer not to as it’s a kind
of a false respect. The amount of people she’s ever truly respected and trusted
she can count on one hand.

Weapons: M41A pulse rifle, S&W model 59 (2) M4A3 tactical pistol, knives

Primary: Weapon M41A


Secondary: Weapon S&W model 59


Her prized possessions they were given to her, by the man who saved her life,
when she reached ten. They have been modified to the point where they are S&W in
name only, well almost. The magazines have been rebuilt to hold thirteen rounds
with one already loaded. The two guns can shot armor piecing bullets that can
penetrate the thick hide of the Xenomorph. They are both silver with the words
“Si vis pacem, para bellum†etched into the sides. She is never without them.
Her favorite weapons, they see most of the action. They are the guns she used
when she had to kill her own teammates.

Tertiary: Weapon several Knives


Although they aren’t military regulation, she keeps several knives on her
person. this comes from a fight in a prison, in which her guns had been taken
away. You never know when you might need a close range weapon. She tended to
have to resort to knives a lot when she was younger, not so much now, but it’s
still comforting to her to know they are there.

other weapons: grenades and other military issued weapons.


[This is where you'll list your basic equipment such as Uniform and Armor, or
more specifically, what you wear on your body in combat.[Limit: 5 un-issued


[*]W-Y Issue Cap/M3 Helmet [Color: “blackâ€Â]

[*]W-Y Issue Cap/M3 Helmet Camera

[*]W-Y Issue Cap/M3 Helmet Mike & Radio

[*]W-Y Issue M2 Personal Body Armor (Color: “camouflage greenâ€Â]

[*]W-Y Issue M3 Shin Amour [Color: “dark greenâ€Â]

[*]W-Y Issue Shoulder Mounted M3 Lamp Addition

[*]W-Y Issue Combat Webbing Belt

[*]W-Y Issue Military Uniform [Color: “â€Â]

[*]W-Y Issue 2 Liter Camelback Hydration Unit

[*]W-Y Issue Dog Tags

[*] 2 s&w model 59 pistols.






Survival Pack:

(This is where you'll list what equipment you keep in your Issued Survival Pack.
Some Items come In It automatically, but you may add whatever extras you can
think of, some Items will require the approval a Officer [Limit: 5 un-issued
Items] When you are in space onboard a cruiser, these items will be in your


[*]W-Y Issue Sleeping bag/Roll mat

[*]W-Y Issue Entrenchment Digging Tool

[*]W-Y Issue Respirator Gasmask

[*]W-Y Issue 24 hour Combat Rations (x3) (Trust me, they taste bad)

[*]W-Y Issue Spare Fatigues

[*]W-Y Issue Cold Weather Gear

[*]W-Y Issue Socks & Undies (x4 pairs)

[*]W-Y Issue Spare Ammo Clips FOR PRIMARY WEAPON(x3)

[*]W-Y Issue Emergency Medical Kit x5

[*]W-Y Issue Tent, Tent Pegs x10, Tent Chord x50 Meter Roll

[*] Bandages

[*] Field kit

[*] Cloth soaked in a flammable substance

[*] water proof outfit (a shirt, pant’s and a jacket)

[*]strike anywhere matches

Combat Webbing

(Your combat webbing, you'll carry this gear into combat, and It's more
accessible than your pack, you'll want to put you’re ammo and other gear here)


- Individual Marine Carrying Pouch

- emergency kit (gun powder, strike any where matches, water, some jerky, some
flammable material, flares)

-3 spear magazines (primary)

- 6 spear magazines (secondary, 3 spears for each gun)

- 3 spear magazines (third)

-gun powder (never know when you might need a distraction, or to blow something
up…or to cauterize a festering wound)



Barracks Gear:

(This is where you'll list your personal gear that you keep In barracks. Pets
are not allowed, weapons have to be approved by a Officer, as do vehicles,
remember, your barracks Is your home, so make sure to put stuff In this list)


[*]W-Y Issue Bunk Bed

[*]W-Y Issue Mattress & 2x Bed sheets

[*]W-Y Issue Footlocker w/ Combination Lock

[*]W-Y Issue SPARE ISSUED GEAR (Everything you have been Issued, there's a
clean, spare one waiting at the barracks, with the exception of weapons & ammo)

[*]W-Y Issue Work Bench w/ Lamp

[*] picture frame of her “familyâ€Â

[*] cleaning kit for her weapons (( “a well cleaned and cared for weapon is a
functioning weapon and your best friend†her father))

[*] lots of paper and pens ((likes to draw, and write))

[*] a small chest full of books

[*] paint

[*]Gibson Custom Zakk Wylde Signature Les Paul Electric Guitar - Bull's Eye


She was born to an ex special ops/ corporal in Alpha Draconis. Her mother was
KIA on some special ops mission, and her dad seemed to despise her. Because of
this, she grew up with a mild neglect. She did her best to stay out of site. Out
of site, out of mind; this philosophy played a part in making her who was.
Because she grew up more or less alone, she grew up fast. She was acting like an
eight year old at five.

When she was six, she snuck on board her father’s ship as it left for a mission.
She was discovered three days out. By then her father knew her enough to trust
that she wouldn’t get her self killed ((Nick, his 2ic had seen her sneak to the
shooting range and saw her as a pretty good shot, he’d also taken it up on
himself to train her in the use of knives in his spare time)) and had allowed
her to accompany them. The mission went horribly wrong. Things were seen that
caused her to be come cold and to kill. Her mind broke down. She was almost
infected on three occasions; she saw her father shoot one of his men.

Four days later, her father, her, Nick, and Justin were all that remained. The
six year old shot all three of them and ran for her life. When the
reinforcements got there, they found a broken girl hiding in the vents. She had
no memory of who she was. When questioned, the only thing she could tell them
was that the men of the squad had been wiped out.

One of the men tried to grab her and she began to scream bloody murder until she
was put down. After several hours they convinced her they weren’t going to hurt
her, they were taking her off the planet. When they returned to the base, they
found acid wounds on her back, and deep gashes along her left side that were
infected. The medic estimated her to be eight or nine. The leader of the squad
that had found her took her in.

She was told that she was to have a new beginning and that she could choose any
name she wanted. She became Azumi Conwell. She was nine years old, and she was
considered the daughter of Sergeant Michael Conwell, Leader of the 419th
infantry squadron. She was educated, and she was a fast learner. When she was 13
her father had a heart attack and died. Her squad got a new leader and she got
some proper training at the hands of a sadists jack ass that she came to see as
a sort of older brother/father figure. She trained and served under one Malus
Jay Darkblade from thirteen till she was nineteen when he left the Alpha

Her squad was sent to a new post where years before they had found her. Memories
returned and she became cold and sadistic. She was ordered to get some extreme
therapy and she was given a medical discharge. She actually tried to follow the
order but she found her psychiatrist as an idiot who couldn’t possible begin to
help her out. How could some one who hadn’t even seen a bug in his life help

She bolted and went missing. Instead of nineteen, it turned out she was only 16.
She disappeared for several years. She reappeared on her squad’s team when she
was eighteen, using her proper name, Anita Cafall. Life was a little hectic. It
was hard readjusting to being only eighteen when she had been 20ish. She was
treated like an unstable little kid who might go off killing everyone in site
any minute. At any rate, life went on, she adjusted and nothing exciting
happened. Then death came knocking on her door again. Preds decided to use the
planet they were stationed on for the blooding ceremony.

Only she, Jamie, and two colonists survived. Needless to say when they arrived
on a bugless planet, they were whisked away to be quarantined. She escaped. As
far as anyone knew Anita is dead and Azumi never existed.

UserName: Anita_Cafall


YIM: cfirewall

MSN: c_m_schroeder

E-Mail:[email protected]

Sample Role-play:

A tall man of 6’2 stood at the edge of the bunk watching the girl within toss
and turn. What must she be dreaming about to get to toss and turn so? He felt
sorry for her. She was so cold when awake. And then she fell asleep and she had
sleepless nights. No wonder she was such a bitch. He hadn’t known her that long
but Al’, his boss did and that meant she probably had a crappy past. Up on
occasion he would be allowed insight to why she was how she was when she began
sleep talking. Like now. “Hey Jade. Wake up. Oi jade, get cha bloody ass up now
or this water is goanna be all over you!â€Â

“I killed him. I killed my father. I was six†her tone was so matter of fact.
Deep with in her subconscious, Anita, better known as Jade or Azumi, was once
again dreaming about her past. This time she was 16. She was lying there on
the stupid chair facing the stupid bald man who was pacing “yes…I see. And why
do you think you need help?â€Â

She began growling. “I don’t fucking need help. I’m here because of goddamn

“There is no point in getting angry Miss Cafall, or do you prefer Conwell?â€Â

“Does it even matter?†she sighed when the man gave her a hard look. He was
right. Getting mad wasn’t going to get her out of this place any sooner. But
they had been over this yesterday, and the day before. Maybe she should just
humor him. “Conwell, after all, I’ve been Conwell all but 6 years of my life. I
wasn’t even a Cafall when I was Anita Cafall was I? And then I killed him. I
killed my father.†she did not like the look she was receiving from the man.
What was she suppose to do? Act like a little child and break down and cry while
saying it? What was the point? “Look, I’ve been here three weeks already. How
much longer before I can leave?â€Â

“As long as it takes to deem you saneâ€Â

“Sane? I’m not here because people think I’m insane. I’m here because they think
I need help dealing with having shot my father and two others when I was only

“Does every sane six year old shoot their father?â€Â

This guy was so…did he hear anything she said? “I was freaking six. That was
She was about to open her mouth again when suddenly she was soaking
wet. Azumi snapped awake and sat up in her now soaking bed. “Rick what the
bloody fuck gives?†she glared at the boy in front of her with utter contempt.
He was laughing at her. She knew he was laughing deep inside.

“Time to get up…besides that you were sleep talking again. Something about
killing your father. Man, no wonder you’re so messed up in the head.†She was
really getting sick of people telling her that. it might be true, it was true,
she knew it was true; she didn’t need to be told every day. She looked over at
the clock and her eye twitched she’d just gotten to sleep two hours ago. It was
5:14 in the morning. Now he was jabbering about how she should leave the marines
and just join their crew. Mercs. You ask them for a favor, get on their ship,
and the newbies pester you. Who was this kid? Had he been part of the crew when
she was around?

“Rick. Shut up and get out of here. I swear to god, if the bastard exists, that
if you don’t get out of here by the time I finish this threat, you are going to
be out side the ship with out an air suit on…let see how long you can hold your

“You have got to find yourself a man. Let him get deep in-between those pretty
legs of yours. Maybe he can dislodge that bloody stick that up your ass.†This
remark was rewards with a pillow in the face. He grumbled something about
joking-but not really, and left the room.

Jade listened begrudgingly to the foot steeps down the hall before pulling the
covers off and getting up. There were goose bumps on her pale arms and legs, her
tank top and shorts not doing anything to cover her from the cold. She ignored
it. She’d been accustomed to the cold for a long time, and complaining wouldn’t
do anything so why bother. She got dressed in a tight green tank, a light black
jacket, and cargo pants. Then she strapped on the holster for her two S&W 59s,
her prize possessions and pulled her dark blonde hair up in a pony tail. If she
got in a fight, her hair would not be her down fall. If it was, she didn’t
deserve to be alive. She made her way out of the small room she’d been using as
her own into the area used for eating. How she had managed to befriend wealthy
Merc who had a ship with a actual mess hall in it was beyond her, but she was
grateful no the less.

She sat down at a table in the corner by her self and began eating the so called
food, staring of into space. Quite literally. That deep cold void that held so
many dangers. That void would one day bring her back to her fallen family, until
then, she would just watch it; wait for it patiently, to make its move. She
would plot and plan for everything. She was snapped out of her thoughts when a
hand lightly smacked her up side the head. “Oi, Jade? Earth to Jade, ANITA!â€Â

She gritted her teeth together. “What the hell do you want Jo?†she stared at
the guy who’d just slapped her. He was short, standing just a little taller than
her 5’6, and muscular. Pale friendly blue eyes meet hers’ and she had to wonder
if she’d ever get a chance to fight him as an enemy again. Their first meeting
had consisted of him trying to kill her and her him. Mercs, they get paid to
kill some one they come after you with their all. he would have made a good
marine. She had given up trying to talk to him about it. she had even promised
to leave him alone if he told her who had hired him to kill her all those years
ago. She still couldn’t get it out of him, who had hired him,

She sighed. She was on a ship full of Mercs again. Why? Because she had died,
again, and had gone back to basic, again, and had needed a way to get to her new
post. Great another post, another squad of vets to learn and befriend, and a new
commanding officer. She should just quite and join them. She shook her head. She
would never quiet. Humanity needed all the soldiers it could get to protect
them, and she loved her job. Besides, if she quite, that would be an insult to
her father, her squad, and even Malus, especially Malus. He had freaking trained
her for Christ’s sakes. If she quite, he’d come back from the dead and start
chewing out her ass for being a quitter.

“All I can say is good luck surviving that desolate planet. Not to mention the
guy who runs the military branch of Weyland-Yutani…rumor is he’s a cold,
sadistic bastard who’ll make you go through training that’ll kill you, and if it
doesn’t, it’ll kill any semblance of humanity with in you.†He gave her a hard
look, “not that you have much left. You were losing your humanity when we picked
you up at 16…err 19.†He trailed off. “Anyways…we’re playing some cards…want me
to deal you in?â€Â

She looked up at him and shrugged. The corner of her mouth twitched. “Cold
sadistic commanders…I’m used to that, I prefer it actually. You see more action
that way…sure deal me in.†she stood up and followed him over to the table where
Rick and another man sat. “Mitch.†She nodded her head to him and sat down.

“Use to it? Use to what?†the new kid, Rick was staring at her. “I think that as
a member of this team I should be allowed in on whatever secrets, enemies and
friends you guys have amounted. That means I should be told about you.†he
seemed to forget he was only 16 and wasn’t even really apart of the team.

She sighed. “My past is my business. And it has nothing to do with you. Your
boss happens to be a close friend who helped me out when I was younger. Anything
else, you don’t need to know. Not to mention, I really don’t care what you
think.†Shit. Here he goes again. Now she was goanna be hassled for the next
hour until she made threats that each of them, except he, knew she’d fallow
through with. She looked down at her cards and quirked a brow. “Why are we
playing five card draw?â€Â

“Cause of the last time I played something with higher stakes than a couple of
buck with you.†Mitch looked away. He didn’t need to finish. The game had ended
up with him losing horribly, and owning her a debt of a few hundred bucks. And a
promise of her own skiff if she ever decided to join their group. “Besides, it’s
refreshing to play things simple every once in a while.†He passed three cards
over to Jo who gave him three. “Give the kid a break. Can’t expect him to not be
carious. After all we’re taking time to drop you off on a planet of death. Can
you blame him? The kid probably hacked some database, and found out that you are
dead. You are still dead ain’t ya, KIA.†It was a statement, not a question.

“Good.†She passed two cards over to Jo. “I prefer it that way. ‘Sides you guys,
my past is dead. Anita Died on that planet†what was up with them? She gave
Mitch a knowing glance. He had paid the kid to hassle her, just for the hell of
it. She rolled her eyes. “Much as I love being hassled for details not
concerning anyone but my self, I think I’ll call it quiets.†She stood up and
left the room. To her annoyance, the kid followed her.

She stared at Rick who was smirking at her. “There are a lot of rumors in the
database. About the guy you’ll be serving. You won’t be able to get away with
hiding what ever it is you are hiding.â€Â

“Rumors are just that, rumors.†She sighed. “Like rumors that I died and the
rumor that I am not crazy. Pretty sure your trusted database told you I was
stable.†She pulled out one of her guns and had it pressed to his jugular and
him against the wall. “The thing about rumors are, generally they are grossly
exaggerated. The thing about the database you hacked, assuming it was a
governmental or military database is that it tends to be out dated. I will tell
you one more time. Prodigy of Al’s or not, if you don’t fuck off and leave me
alone, I will kill you in a not to pleasant way. You can ask Mitch, or Jo, or
even Al’. I don’t take kindly to being hassled about my past.†Maybe she should
just give in. after all if his reaction was like that of the others when they
had learned, then he would give her plenty of distance. It would get her a few
days peace before she left and then she’d never have to here about it from him
again. She rolled her eyes. “But you know, maybe it’d be good I know what I’m
getting into. Tell me these rumors.â€Â

“I took the liberty of looking through the packet you left on your bed…you’re in
for a tough time. And before you ask, no, when it come to you, privacy means
nothing to me. And stop twitching.†He stepped off the wall in a very ballsy
move. She needed him, so for the moment he was safe. “First you’re goanna be
reporting to a guy, goes by the name Malus Jay Darkblade.†She nodded.

“Malus Jay Darkblade huh?†she kept her face nonchalant. In truth, there were a
million and three thoughts flying threw her mind, least of which were ‘shit’ and
‘maybe it won’t be so boring after all.’ And last but not least ‘isn’t he
suppose to be dead?’ something deep within her conscious something remind her
that she was suppose to be dead as well. She supposedly died during the event on
lv-765. she new the rumors she was about to be told. None the less she decided
to keep him talking. She was not goanna give this kid any clues. “Didn’t he

“Didn’t you? He used to be third in command of the Alpha Draconis. Went kind of
crazy and left. So, I told you what you want to know, tell me what I want to…â€Â

That wasn’t all of it. She almost laughed “if you are trying to pry info from
your enemies, then don’t tell them what they want to know before you get what
you want to know.†she quirked a brow. “Who wouldn’t go crazy? God only knows I
did.†She backed away and put the gun back “well brat I have things to do...â€Â
she left the hall and went back to her room. In the rare privacy of her room,
she allowed a smirk to cross her face. Leave it to bloody Malus to track her
down. The smirk fell and she drifted back into her past.

Cold Jade eyes glared at the man standing in front of her, his arms crossed over
his board chest. She knew her eyes were twitching, and that this twitching
annoyed him. She had to fight to keep the smirk off her face. “Look brat. I get
that you haven’t a clue who you were before we found you, and I get that losing
the only man you’ve known as a father can be…difficult. He was out commanding
officer and…just this attitude needs to stop.â€Â

“Jamie. Just shut up. What are you? My psychiatrist?†she was thirteen for
Christ sake. She knew what death was. She didn’t need a sympathy talk. She
sighed. It was what they expected she was expecting. She knew part of it was
simply their instinct to try to protect her from anymore hurt. She wished they
would stop. “I don’t need sympathy and the whole talk about how bottling up
emotion can lead to me own self destruction. I’ve seen plenty of dead bodies and
people dieing in far worse manners than him. Least he got to go peacefully in
his sleep. Not like nick.â€Â

The blond haired idiot ruffled her hair. “You’re to mature…I suppose part of
that is our fault…†he sighed. “I know I ain’t your pop’s or anything but he
told use to take care of you and if…†he paled slightly and studied the girl
sitting in the chair in front of his desk. “You know that we are going to be
assigned a new commander right?â€Â

“Nope. I thought that with dad dead, you would be leading us.†Her eyes narrowed
in a typical, defiant thirteen year fashion that clearly stated she thought he
was a complete moron and that he should have taken her father place. He was
trying to hard to deviant from the older brother she had seen him into trying to
play the father figure. “Let me guess. You want me to act like the little angle
I am not. Be on my best behavior….then you’re going to try to scare me by saying
that you don’t know who is replacing dad, and he or she very well might send me
away to some orphanage where I will be fed on meal a week, and become unfit and
blah blah blah.†She kept the smirk off her face seeing and hearing the sigh
escape his lips. She was pushing it…it was his fault for allowing it…all she
wanted to do was see if they would be able to stand together, despite a new
leader. And if he would be able to show her he deserved to be her father 2ic…so
far, she could only see him as a pushover…He had been since she’d known him.

He really wasn’t cut out for this shit. Disciplining a child, much less one who
had just lost the man who had saved her life and raised her for the last three
years? He gave her a scrutinizing glance, knowing far too well what she was
trying to do, and knowing he was probably failing horribly. She would never be
able to see him as more than being a comrade. He had tried so hard. Tried to
keep her educated, tried to give her some training, tried to be an older brother
of sorts…â€ÂAzumi…please behave.†He sounded old. This is what he had been brought
to, begging a thirteen year old to behave. Not demanding she behave, begging.
She should be treated like a terrorist, that’s how he should be treating her.
but he couldn’t get pass that small face, and those cold eyes that were no doubt
hiding, and very well for being so young, a deep resentment for life and the lot
she had been dealt in it. She shouldn’t be negotiated with, or have gotten him
begging, or any thing. “just go…I don’t know play with some dolls or something.â€Â

Her eyes widened with anger and she gritted her teeth before standing up. “I do
not play with dolls you over grown baboon.†With that she stalked out of the
office, fuming in a typical silent tantrum. She looked around and went to go
into a part of the base she wasn’t suppose to be going into when she bumped into
a tall man. “Watch where the fuck you’re going you asshole.†She said before
going down the hall. Oh if only she had known who that man had been. If she had
known she would have never called him an asshole. Ok yeah she would have but she
would have used a different tone. Maybe not…

She spaced out looking through the window into the cold black abyss that was
space. She looked down at the small piece of paper she pulled from her pockets.
There was a girl of nine or ten in the middle. Her arms were crossed and she was
glaring at the camera, as if she could make it burn before it took the dreaded
picture. Behind her, hand on her shoulder, was Sergeant Michael Conwell. His
brown eyes held a commanding look in them, but it was clear he wasn’t the hard
ass he seemed on duty.

On his right hand side was a man of what couldn’t have been older than 23. He
was looking down at the girl, and ruffling her hair. His cerulean blue eyes were
laughing at something she had said. On Michael’s left side was the other man’s
twin brother. The two were identical in every way except the look he was giving
the little girl was one of annoyance and his colder eyes clearly stated there
was goanna be a facehugger in her bed that night. His normal black hair was
currently green. He was also missing patches. Across his shirt, he obviously
hadn’t noticed was. “I’m not with stupid, I am stupid.†spray painted in pink
and silver across the other wise black shirt.

Next to him stood a statue of a girl. Her brown eyes held the same contempt in
them as the little girls. There were nine other people in the picture. The
picture had been taken two months after being found. Azumi sighed as she stared
at Jake, her father’s right hand man and her brother.

She’d been closest to him. He’d been the one to comfort her, keep her company,
and play with her, forced her to eat. He’d trained her, taught her, and brought
her back up to the level of education he deemed she should know. She had let him
down. She should have had his back.

She should have had all of their backs. If she had, then there would have been
no reason for so many mercy killings. She would never allow her comrades to be
used as hosts so the Yautja could have their hunt. She looked back out the
window. Was Jamie even alive anymore? He hadn’t been infected when they had been
whisked away to quarantined but that didn’t mean shit when it came to the

She looked away from the window and closed her eyes. She was so tired. Always so
tired. She couldn’t sleep though. Not yet, not while there was still work to be
done. Speaking of work, seemed it was about to get interesting soon. An old
friend who was suppose to be dead was alive, and she was goanna be serving under
him once again. The meting between Malus and her was goanna be interesting. He
was supposed to be dead, but then again, on record, so was she.

As the ship continued on it course, she couldn’t help remembering a time so much
simpler. A time consisting of her not remembering a damn thing about who she
was, and being trained by that, in her eyes at the time, “crazy psychopathic
jackass who was goanna kill her in her sleep.†When her sorry life consisted of
training her ass off every day and learning not to not show emotion in front of
him every time he made her watch the life cycle of the xenomorph.

She closed her eyes and drifted off in the half state that had replaced her
sleep cycle. She hadn’t slept in a true sleep since the war brought her and her
comrades to that damn planet. The war that had taken her life, had taken the
life of an innocent 6 year old and molded her into a soldier first a killer
second, a psychopath third and a human fourth. Why was she still in this damn
war? Cause she had nothing better to do? ask her that 8 years ago and she would
have given an answer like “for my comrades and family†but now she had none.
After a few moments of pondering she came to the conclusion. It had never been
about gaing the respect of her deceased father, to show him that she wasn’t her
mom, she wasn’t goanna get her self killed by such a stupid mistake as trusting
a predator; it hadn’t been about repaying Michael for saving her life and taking
her in; fuck, much as she wish she didn’t have to say it, it hadn’t even been
about fighting along side her comrades, protecting their six as they protected
hers…no sad as it was to admit, even if she had long since accepted it, it had
been about the thrill of the kill.

It had been about shedding as much blood as she could, taking out any threat to
humanity and her survival that crossed her path. It had, was about simply living
out a life that she shouldn’t have been allowed to form.

“We’ll be there shortly.†She looked over to her left at the doorway and nodded.
The blonde haired man had attempted to convince her to become a Merc when she
had gone missing. She was fond of him. He didn’t pester her for details about
her life. Nope. She showed him money. Told him to bring her to Lv-475 and he
did. “Hey kid, you ok? You seem down in the dumps since the last time you went

A smile twitched the sides of her mouth for a few seconds before the cold mask
feel again. “I’m fine Al’. How long till we get there?†She studied his graying
hair, his green eyes. He was getting old in the last couple of years. The last
time she saw him he had looked like the typical wild man going through his mid
life crisis. Now his eyes were hard, like he had lost everything. What had he
gone through in the last eight years? Did it matter? “Just remembering things
that shouldn’t have been remembered.â€Â

He took a step into the room. “We’ll be there in a few hours. We all have those
moments dear…this about what happened when you were six?â€Â

He gave her a hard glance. His crew had picked the lass up when she had ran
away, trying to disappear. She had been a lot more open then, a lot more
trusting as well. “Come on. Talk.†He walked over to the bed, sat and folded his
arms. “Bottling up shit ain’t healthy. Surly you were taught that in you’re
fancy marines’ training.â€Â

She let lose a bitter laugh. “Why discus the past? Not like its goanna make it
better.†She sighed when he sat down on the bed. “You are fucking impossible.â€Â
She glanced out the window once again. She’d been doing that a lot lately. Her
eyes closed and she saw it as if she had remembered it all along, as if her
memories from six and before hadn’t been forgotten for the last 19+ years.

“I think, no, I know that if I could choose, I would do everything all over
again. I would have snuck on his ship, I would have shot him.â€Â

“That’s a new twist. I’m assuming you mean you’re father.†She nodded. She
hid. It was the only thing she could do. Everyone was dead. Not coming
back…dead. Blood. So much blood. She killed him…he was goanna kill her. s It was
self defense right? She was going to die here, alone. Would it hurt? Would she
get to meet mommy? The bushes rustled and she stared into the green eyes that
belong to Nick.

“Anita? What the fuck happened?†she was starring at her hands, as if by staring
at them would make her disappear from this place, would put her back in the
past, before she snuck on board. “Anita…†he trailed off, his eyes following the
blood trail to lay on the commander’s body.

“He was trying to kill me…you told me I was always suppose to do anything to
survive…I killed him because he was goanna kill me…I didn’t want to…I didn’t
want to be left on this planet. I’m sorry I snuck on board…â€Â

“Anita what the…†there was a hiss in the distance. Nick picked her up in his
arms and began running to the ship. He opened a panel in the floor and reviled a
small compartment. “Hide; don’t come out no matter what you hear.â€Â

She nodded curled up and fell asleep. When she woke up a few hours later, she
peaked out of the crawl space and saw a dead face hugger by Nicks unmoving
body…she glanced around and listened and finally deemed it safe. She scurried
across the floor. He was coming around. Good.

“Anita? What…†his eyes found the dead face hugger and his face fell…
“Anita…dear, dear Anita…â€Â

She backed away eyes widened with horror. “Your... you’re infected…they got
you…how could they have gotten you? Why?â€Â

“Anita…calm down, as long as you’re going to try and sneak on board ships and
join mission, you might as well start acting like a marine. We do not lose our
heads, we help our comrades. I need you to help me Jade.â€Â

She nodded and her panicked expression left her face, replaced by a blank look.
She walked back over to him. She looked down at the cold silver gun that was
placed in her hand. “Once in the head, once in the heart and if anything start
coming through, kill it…â€Â

“You can’t expect me to…â€Â

“Anita…I don’t want to die with that thing bursting out of me…I would rather die
at the hands of a pretty little girl.â€Â

She nodded.

“Repeat what I told you.â€Â

“Once in†she paused and gulped. “Once in the head, once in the heart, and once
in the chest if that thing tries to escape.†He nodded and gave her a look that
clearly stated “shoot.†She pointed, turned away and pulled the trigger.

He fell silent and shook his head. “Poor brat. No wonder your mind shut down.
And yet you still never escaped did you?†he stood up and placed a gentle hand
on her shoulder. “You did what you had to do. You think your comrades would have
wanted those creatures to bust ‘em up? You saved you’re father, you saved his
guy from a gruesome fate child, and you saved your comrades from the same such
fate. Learn to deal with it. Opening up to people ain’t goanna do you no harm.
The only harm trust can bring you is making you more friendly.â€Â

She quirked a brow at him. “I need to be friendlier? Says the guy whose people
escorted me to him and gun point.†It might have been eight years ago but that
didn’t change much. “Gun point Al’…tis a very friendly welcome.†The planet was
begging to appear out side the window. She sighed. “Welcome home†she muttered
under her breath. “I don’t need to be friendlier, I need to survive.â€Â

“A fine way of surviving you have done…turned your self into nothing but a
shell. What makes you any different than those creatures down there? You kill,
you hunt, you destroy, and you spread across the galaxy. Why? For the glory?
Honor? What? I think you need to look over your priorities.â€Â

“We don’t kill for the hell of killing, we have that little voice with in our
minds telling us what is wrong and right…I just choose to ignore mine half the
time as it tends to piss me off. We spread because we are humans and deserve to
rule the universe…what use is glory to the dead Allen? Honor? I don’t need to be
a hero; I need to continue my father’s legacy. I think part of me want’s to make
him, and jake, and nick, and all the others proud.â€Â

He gave an exasperated sigh. “And how do you know they, the bugs that is, don’t
think…†and then she had to bring pride into it. “To make them proud? Girl I’m
sure they are very proud of you†he was beginning to sound like he was trying to
be her father. She was goanna hate him. He stopped at the look of utter contempt
she was giving him. “Alright, fine, can’t blame me though. You’re losing your

“Says the guy who kills for money.†she was getting temperamental. She couldn’t
help it. She’d been on this thing for the last three weeks. She had been hassled
the whole way and now she was being told she needed to prioritize. She needed
off this damn ship, she needed onto the planet and she needed to shed some
blood. Three hours later found her glaring up at the skiff glaring a glare that
could have caught it on fire. She slugged her bag over her shoulder and began
walking around trying to figure out where the hell she was supposed to go.