Yautja Workforce?

skull_ripper, Yautja, 6 years ago

I've been thinking about Yautja lately, and I started thinking about how advanced they are, and how so much of their stuff we see has the artisans touch. And I was thinking about how they've got their own honor system, and how that might play into their society.

Not everyone can go on the hunt all the time, but they live so long that it's not going to kill them to miss out on a hunt and stay home for a year.

It also occurred to me that they must have some sort of labor force. Slaves? Commoners? Both? I mean, who makes all their weapons? Armor? Clothing? I doubt every single Yautja has the skills to forge their own equipment, though I could see them leathering hides for themself.

We know they operate in Clans and Tribes, but also maintain cities to some extent(a small amount if I recall correctly). The smaller groups would probably be self sufficient, hunt their own food, make their own equipment, ect.

But what about the cities? Do they have shops? Administrative groupings? Craftsmen? Would they be looked down upon by the mighty Hunters of the society for not participating the near religious sporting? Or would they be celebrated, or at least mildly respected for "holding down the fort" so to speak while the Hunters hunt?

I kind of like the idea, that while Hunters are the dominate caste of their Society, there are still honest working folks keeping the gears oiled so to speak.

badapple24, Yautja, 6 years ago

Damn, tbh thats a valid question. I mean in skyrim there's a mod that adds a whole predator system in the game including the race. And they have the merchants, it's quite interesting as a mod actually and it would make sense. Assuming any of this would be canon. Which it really isn't, but nonetheless it's a very cool prospect.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 6 years ago

I love that mod, I should post a play through on here sometime.

I wonder what Yautja use as currency? I mean, they'd obviously not use trophies because they have so much importance to the individual. Digital currency perhaps? Their technology is certainly advanced enough to warrant the possibility.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 6 years ago

Well, we don't KNOW any of those things, they are just common theories that don't actually have any canon support what-so-ever. I mean you don't need an imposed honor system for a hunter to become respectful of its prey as it happened in Predator 2, while in the first movie there was no sign of respect at all between the Predator and the humans, it was just cockiness. As for not killing pregnant women, it could be considered counter-productive, like how it's illegal to fish during spawning season.

But if there were such a system, I'd expect it to be similar to the time period in Japanese history when the bushi (warrior) class was so above the rest of society that they were paid in rice, because money was considered the dishonorable currency of the commoners. We also know that they would take noses and ears as war trophies and that harakiri/seppuku was a thing. So if you want a plausible evolution and state of Yautja society, you should probably look closely at the evolution of feudal Japan.

badapple24, Yautja, 6 years ago

so they just had trophies of their enemies severed ears? Thats metal as fuck dude. But seriously, I always thought of them more as japanese warriors as opposed to a "Hunter"

DeathWraith, Yautja, 6 years ago

No, they made stone monuments filled with the noses and ears taken from people they killed.

Guan, Yautja, 6 years ago

This is a very interesting idea.A possibility would be that by getting trophies that the Yautja gets trophies,which means they then gain respect which can then be used to purchase items or services the Yautja needs.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 6 years ago

I don't see why they wouldn't have a workforce and as of now I'm unable to disagree with anyone's suggestions on the topic.

Astute observation there DeathWraith, as any ethical hunters(or those interested in hunting) would find it detrimental to kill a pregnant animal knowingly or even a juvenile, throws the ecosystem out of balance and threatens the survival of the prey species.